Plumbing Tips to Prepare for Winter in New England

As a New England resident, you know just how cold temperatures can drop when winter hits! In order to protect the longevity of your home’s or business’s plumbing equipment during weather like this, it’s important to follow certain steps to prevent frozen pipes, water damage, and heating issues. Check out the suggestions below and get in touch with your local plumbing experts at Sandri if we can increase your home comfort in any way this winter.

Winterize Your Plumbing System like a Pro

  • Keep indoor pipes warm and cozy with foam insulation. Electrical tape underneath provides even more protection.
  • Maintain temperatures above 55 degrees, even if you’re traveling away from home.
  • Remove and drain all exterior hoses to reduce the risk of ice buildup, which can cause pressure in indoor water lines. Pressure can cause leaks and breakage.
  • Turn off the water supply to outdoor faucets, then drain any remaining water by opening the taps until they run dry. Keep in mind that water expands as it freezes, so you don’t want any leftover water sitting in your outdoor pipes all winter.
  • Protect outdoor faucets by insulating them with an outdoor faucet sock cover.
  • Close the garage door and any curtains or blinds to maintain heated air inside where it belongs.

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Contact Your Local Plumbing Experts for Assistance

Not comfortable performing these maintenance routines yourself? Have a plumbing project in mind that you want to get done before the holidays? Get in touch with Sandri’s team of plumbing experts for high-quality plumbing assistance that is sure to exceed your expectations. Don’t forget to check our specials page to stay up to date on the latest plumbing and HVAC specials available to our customers.