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Heating Oil Services In New England

With a large fleet of delivery vehicles and multiple storage facilities throughout New England, you’re guaranteed the highest quality heating oil whenever you need it. If you heat with oil and live within our service area, choose Sandri as your local energy supplier this and every heating season.


It is important for you to know the myriad of benefits to using oil heat in your MA, NH, or VT home. If it’s safety, comfort, and efficiency you’re looking for in a heating fuel, oil heat is the fuel for you.


There are so many reasons homeowners in the Northeast choose oil heat for their primary heating needs, but the most important benefit is one that can’t be compromised: safety. The fuel’s non-explosive nature and its equipment’s overt warning signs of potential issues will allow you to rest assured that you have made a safe choice for your property.


Did you know that upgrading your current oil-fired boiler or furnace to a new, higher efficiency model can save you up to 30% on fuel costs this heating season? A simple annual tune-up can also reduce heating expenses by 10% each year.


Heating with oil allows you to choose the local energy provider that meets all of your needs. Unlike dealing with a major utility, choosing Sandri for your heating oil delivery and HVAC needs means you can call on one nearby company for all of your home energy services!

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Sandri: New England’s Kerosene Supplier

In addition to clean and refined home heating oil, we also carry kerosene heating fuel. Kerosene is the perfect solution for customers with outdoor fuel storage tanks.

When winter weather arrives in the Northeast, temperatures can cause fuel stored outside to thicken. This “gelling” can result in costly damage, not to mention inconvenience! Kerosene, unlike heating oil, is resistant to freezing and is able to flow regularly during the coldest winter months. Kerosene is compatible with standard heating oil equipment and provides safe, efficient operation.

Whether you choose to use kerosene year-round or are looking for a winter substitute for heating oil, Sandri has got you covered. Kerosene is available to fuel home or business appliances. Simply contact us here to place an order for your MA, NH, or VT property!

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