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Oil Tank Replacement

Take advantage of added protection for your family, your property, and our environment. As a Sandri customer, it’s easy. We help make sure your biggest investment (your home) is safe with state-of-the-art testing and monitoring of your heating oil tank.

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Invest in Your Home with Sandri’s TankSure® Program!

When you receive your annual tune-up, the technician at your home conducts an ultrasonic inspection on your oil tank to determine the tank’s overall integrity. As you may or may not know, oil tanks degrade from the inside out, so a tank that look perfectly fine on the outside may be wearing thin on the inside.

Sandri’s exclusively trained service technicians inspect your heating oil tank both with a visual inspection and an ultrasonic test to gauge the internal thickness and safety of your tank. This EPA-approved testing method is used to ensure that your family stays safe and protected.

If your tank qualifies, which nearly 95% of all tanks do, you will benefit from the TankSure Tank Replacement Payment when Sandri determines your tank is in need of replacement. We offer $1,000 to help defer the cost of replacing your tank when it’s determined you need a new one.

If your tank does not qualify, TankSure will still give you $200 to help with replacement costs for a new tank.

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Oil Tank Replacements

Benefits of Heating Oil Tank Protection

  • Homeowners Insurance: Many brokers now offer discounts and incentives for homeowners that participate in this program.
  • Overall Protection: Help protect your home, your family, and the environment against oil spills and leaks.
  • Peace of Mind: Know that your family is safe and your wallet is protected from the potential of heating oil spills in and around your house—and that the integrity of your tank is fully intact.

Learn more below about our oil tank replacement and protection services by calling (800) 628-1900 or contacting us here.

Benefits of Heating Oil Tank Protection