Sandri's 90th Anniversary

Great prizes for fall services!
Sandri Energy is giving away $90 prizes EVERY WEEK all year long & a grand prize of a $900 account credit awarded to THREE lucky winners!

Fleet Program

Fuel your most important company vehicles conveniently with Sandri. Stop by any of our locations throughout New England and Eastern New York—or fuel up right on site at your business location. We offer onsite delivery to fuel tanks on commercial properties throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont.

Fleet Card Program

We offer Sunoco fleet programs that allow you to manage your fuel costs and enhance your security. These programs are ideal for fleet operators who are looking for enhanced savings as well as detailed reporting capabilities. With more than 4,700 Sunoco filling stations in 26 states, primarily in the East Coast and Midwest, partnering with Sunoco is easy and convenient.

Sunoco SunTrak Commercial Fuel Card

Fill up at any of our stations and reap the benefits! The Sunoco SunTrak fleet card is ideal for fleet operators who need to keep track of purchases by driver or vehicle. With the SunTrak card, you will be provided monthly reporting statistics and receive volume discounts up to 3%.

Ready to Do Business with Sandri?

Contact Scott Childs, Motor Fuels Area Manager, at (413) 355-6592 or by email to learn more about our onsite delivery service, fleet card programs, and more.

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Monthly Gallons Purchased at Sunoco Rebate % of Fuel Sales
1 to 2,999 1.25%
3,000 to 5,999 2.50%
6,000+ 3.00%

Sunoco Card


Enjoy Rebates at Sunoco

Starting with the first gallon of fuel purchased each month, earn valuable rebates on your fuel sales!

Sunoco SunTrak Online

Access vital purchase information and utilize powerful tools that help you stay competitive, all through the ease of the internet. Our cutting-edge, web-based program gives managers great options and controls to save time and cut expenses.

  • Easy account maintenance – Add and edit vehicles and drivers immediately with just a few clicks. Plus, you have the choice to order new cards with expedited delivery.
  • Fast access to invoices and scheduling payment – View, print, and pay invoices immediately after the close of the billing cycle—even schedule payments for a future date. Restrictions may apply.
  • Reporting – View, print, or save reports in PDF format to eliminate paper reports by mail. Even easier, our system stores 13 months of past reports for you. You can choose from a list of reports you have already created or saved or create a new report by entering your parameters. The results can be easily downloaded into your own spreadsheet or database program.
  • Flexible exceptions – Keep drivers on schedule while staying alert to possible problems. You’ll receive an email when a posted transaction falls outside your purchase guidelines so you can decide if any action is required.
  • Our Custom Control Card and online Authorization Profiles work together to help support your purchasing policy. PIN numbers are used to prevent unauthorized purchases. Profiles can help to limit the card’s purchasing ability. You can fine-tune your cards by vehicle and driver purchasing needs. For example, you may need a card profile for a sales force driving sedans on business days and another card profile for a delivery unit driving step vans seven days a week. Additional terms apply. Enforcement of some limits depends on merchant’s systems and participation.

Options for Municipalities

If your business qualifies for exemption from excise, sales, or special fuel taxes—at federal, state, country, or city levels—we can significantly reduce your accounting and administrative time.

With our unique Tax Exempt Program, qualified tax-exempt fleets are:

  • Billed net of tax on applicable fuel purchases
  • Provided with full reporting of the purchase data and tax exemption

Enjoy Monthly Rebates

Monthly Gallons Purchased at Sunoco Rebate % of Fuel Sales
1 to 5,999 2.50%
6,000+ 3.00%

Give us a call today to find out more about our onsite fuel delivery programs or any of our other available services to help keep your fleet and business running on time and on budget.