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Greenfield Based Propane Services

Many Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont homeowners and business owners choose propane as their primary fuel source for so many reasons. If you heat with LP gas and live within our New England service area, choose Sandri as your propane supplier, and trust that we’ll be there when you need us.


One of the most versatile fuels available to homeowners in the Northeast, propane gas can be used to power all kinds of home appliances—indoor and outdoor.

  • Gas Furnaces
  • Gas Boilers
  • Gas-Fired Water Heaters
  • Cooking Stoves
  • Clothes Dryers
  • Gas Fireplaces
  • BBQ Grills
  • Swimming Pools
  • …and more!


Whether you already heat with propane or you’re considering converting to the fuel, take note of its many impressive benefits.

Propane is environmentally friendly, meeting it meets all clean air standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is non-toxic, insoluble in water, has minimal emissions, is both colorless and odorless, will not harm soil or water, and does not spill or leave any type of residue.

Heating a home in MA, NH, and VT requires a dependable energy source. Even with our grueling winters, propane gas is incredibly cost effective for New England consumers.

Did you know that almost all propane used in the US is produced domestically? This makes it an extremely reliable choice—regardless of the world climate and other factors that can interfere with energy prices. Best of all, you don’t need to bother with large utility companies for your gas supply; your next propane delivery is always just a call away from your local energy provider of choice.

Renewable Propane: A Low-Carbon Fuel Option

We at Sandri are excited about renewable propane, which has the same great features as conventional propane but with even lower carbon emissions. We are beginning to bring in renewable propane as we transition to lower carbon options for our customers, and we will be continuing the process as more renewable propane becomes available in our region. There are no conversions required or added costs to your fuel price to make the switch to renewable propane, and this eco-friendly fuel choice comes with the following benefits:

  • Reduction of municipal solid waste
  • Financial support for local farmers
  • Decreased carbon emissions
  • Supporting a circular economy
  • Protecting human health & well-being

Visit our Contact page to request more information or place an order for renewable propane today!

Sandri Energy propane truck and propane tank
Sandri Energy fuel delivery truck

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Turn Your Backyard Into Your Own Paradise

New Englanders love to spend spring and summer outdoors. Make outdoor entertaining season really go the distance with propane appliances from Sandri Energy. Sandri is happy to offer a wide range of propane appliances like grills and fire pits that will make your backyard the place to be this summer.

Don’t miss out on great deals on propane appliances! Submit your information this page or call and ask for Bill Kuzmeski, Commercial Fuels Sales Manager to learn more about special pricing.


Turn your backyard into the outdoor oasis you’ve always dreamed of with outdoor propane appliances from Sandri. We carry top-of-the-line equipment from some of the best brands on the market to ensure you only get the very best quality and value for your money. Propane appliances that we carry include:

  • Propane BBQ grills
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Fireplaces
  • Fire pits
  • Patio heaters
  • Lighting
  • Pool & spa heaters


Sandri is proud to deliver quality propane gas to customers across our fuel delivery service area. Whether you need propane to power your new outdoor appliances or to keep daily essentials like your water heater running year-round, we’ve got you covered. Contact Sandri to request a propane delivery today!

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