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The Best Alternatives to Window A/C Units

The days are really starting to heat up in New England. Is your old, clunky window air conditioner cutting it and keeping you cool? We’re guessing no! Believe it or not, air conditioners are a must for New England homes. When the dog days of summer roll around, nothing is worse than being inside a […]

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7 Top Benefits of a Ductless Mini-Split A/C

We’re currently in the transitional season here in New England, where one day is hot and the next day is chilly. Rather than fully committing to summer by lugging the window A/C units out of storage and leaving your windows open to accommodate them for the next four months, consider the installation of a high-efficiency […]

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What’s the Difference between Central Air and Ductless A/C?

Summer is starting to heat up here in New England. Most of us will be spending more time at home this summer, which means it’s a good idea to make sure your house is as comfortable as possible. Are you still depending on your old, inefficient air conditioner? Upgrading to a new high-efficiency A/C will […]

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The #1 Thing Your Home Needs This Season

A ductless mini-split system is made up of one outdoor unit and one or more indoor units that work together to provide cooling throughout your home. Indoor units are sleek in design and can be easily affixed to any wall. You can use your ductless mini-split system to cool individual rooms or your entire home. […]

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