Gas Boilers

Heating your New England home with gas is not only economical; it allows you to choose among a wide range of energy-efficient heating systems. Here at Sandri, we carry the industry’s leading brands for your comfort, safety, and energy savings all winter—every winter. If it’s time to upgrade your gas-fired boiler, turn to the local energy experts you know and trust.

Why High-Efficiency Matters

As you search for your next home heating system, make sure to pay close attention to AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) ratings. This percentage indicates how effective the equipment is at turning fuel into heat output. The higher the rating, the less fuel you will use—and the more money you will save each winter. (Think hundreds of dollars each heating season!) Typically, a heating system with an AFUE of 90% or higher qualifies as high-efficiency.

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HTP Elite Ultra

The stylish HTP Elite Ultra is constructed using the highest quality XtraTech Durable Stainless Steel Heating Technology for a robust, long lasting tank that is perfect for light duty commercial applications. Extremely efficient, the HTP Elite Ultra has a 11:1 turndown ratio that limits short cycling and provides more efficient energy consumption. This boiler comes with an outdoor sensor that, when used, can provide up to 96% thermal efficiency ensuring savings on your monthly energy bills.

  • XtraTech Durable Stainless Steel Heating Technology
  • Pipe surface up to 400% larger than conventional designs
  • Up to 96% thermal efficiency

HTP Elite Ultra


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