Choosing a fuel delivery and HVAC service provider is just that: a choice. Choose a local, full-service energy company that goes above and beyond for its customers. Here at Sandri Energy, we truly care about our customers and strive to meet (and exceed!) expectations every time we deliver fuel or complete a service visit. Find out what our customers have to say about their experiences with our heating oil delivery, propane delivery, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and other home comfort services.

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What Sandri Customers Have to Say…


"My husband and I would like to commend Pete and Dave for an outstanding job installing our mini-splits yesterday and today. Their presence did not interrupt our lives at all. They were quiet, courteous, and knowledgeable. We were informed about what was happening every step of the way. Sandri is fortunate to have these two men as employees. We look forward to staying cool and warm!"
— Mary and Bill H.
"Tony is very polite, well spoken, and he explained what he did and how efficiently our furnace is performing. Very pleasant young man."
— Margaret F. from Vernon, VT
"Stanley did a great job!"
— Helen J.
"The install crew, Dave L. and Peter B., did a great job. They explained how to use the mini-splits they installed and left the place nice and clean."
— Mary H.
"Stanley is wonderful and takes care of all of my plumbing issues in a timely manner."
— Gladys L. from Greenfield, MA
"Stanley did an excellent job. He arrived on time and was very polite."
— Priscilla P. from Amherst, MA
"Ovi did a great job and finished the job a lot faster than he was quoted. Great job done!"
— Blayney C. from Jacksonville, VT
"Sandri is very lucky to have Rick. He was great and explained every question. Very satisfied."
— Jim B. from Colrain, MA
"Thank you so much for the beautiful Advantage PurePro boiler you installed on February 7th. Bob and team were so kind and professionally excellent, and a pleasure to have working in my home! They did such an expert installation that the follow-up inspectors were highly impressed. The boiler is a far cry from my original 1961 Delco (GM) model you replaced and I believe much more efficient, of course! Thank you!"
— Mary from Hatfield, MA
"I am very happy with my Sandri service technician, Rick. He was very helpful and fixed the problem with my furnace. He can come to my house every time I need service."
— Florence S.
"I am writing to write a review for your service technician, Ovi. All of his work at our house is excellent, professional, and well executed. He is a pleasure to deal with, professional, efficient and thorough. Sandri is lucky to have him. He is a great asset to your company. Thanks Ovi!"
— Lois T.
"Rick did an excellent job."
— Richard H.
"Tony was very polite, efficient, and did a great job."
— Mark C. from Greenfield, MA
"Tony was exceptionally pleasant, gave me good information about my furnace and filters, and would be more than welcome to return each year for my tune-up. "
— Rita J. from Shelburne Falls, MA
"My wife and l want to let you know just how pleased we are our new mini-split heat pump. The entire process from start to finish! Joel Tognarelli and the crew he brought to our home for the installation were both professional and fun to be around. They all worked well as a team and did a precise install. We really appreciate the quality product and workmanship that we enjoyed by using your company for this product."
— Keith M. from Florence, MA
"The whole job is beautiful! Thank you very much for your recommendation of the Mitsubishi mini-splits. They have features we would never have dreamt were available. When Dave demonstrated the many functions, we were fascinated, and we still are. Once again, thank you."
— James G. from Hinsdale, NH
"Excellent customer service. Jose was courteous and took time to explain every question. Very satisfied."
— Sam A. from Jacksonville, VT
"Kathy, thank you very much for sending the tech for our A/C today. He has it working well and I appreciate you and Barb for once again taking such good care of our family."
— Brian S.
"Awesome service, thank you Ryan. Five stars!"
— Charles C. from Turners Falls, MA
"Today, your repairman, Tony, did an excellent job at getting the furnace running again here. The furnace was overfilled with water and had stopped running. Tony evaluated the problem and got the furnace running again. It was extremely helpful to me that he took the time to explain to me some of the safety features that are built into the furnace. He educated me about the low water level trip switch that would turn off the furnace if the water level became too low, he explained to me that when the water level was low it is important to slowly add the cold water to the hot furnace so it would not crack the pipes. He was great! Tony made sure that the furnace was in good running order before he left. I am so grateful! Thank you Tony!"
— Jaimye from Greenfield, MA
"Rick is so nice and did a wonderful job keeping our mini-splits clean."
— Roxy D.
"Ovi and Phil are the best ever!"
— Kathryn P.
"Tony did a great job and is a very good tech!"
— Betty M. from Greenfield, MA
"Tony was great. He did a great job and I would give him 5 stars."
— Macy H. from Brattleboro, VT
"Tony is a great technician!"
— The Calvary Baptist Church of Turners Falls, MA
"Tony did a great job and is very good at what he does."
— Sherley C. from Brattleboro, VT
"Rick is a very nice technician and did a great job!"
— Ernest B. from Turners Falls, MA
"Jonas is wonderful. He even noticed that my humidifier bin was full and emptied it for me!"
— Bill F. from Greenfield, MA
"Jonas was very good at explaining everything to me about the new Vermont codes and he did a great job cleaning my boiler."
— Dave E. from Brattleboro, VT
"I was very pleased with the work that Ovi did on both of my furnaces today. He took the time to explain what he had to do and why one of them needs a replacement part. I appreciate the extra care he showed."
— Lynne R. from Turners Falls, MA
"We would like to say Ovi is a very knowledgeable and efficient worker. He cleans up after he has completed the job. (Which is great!) He has a great personality, we would recommend him to anyone. When we need service we will always ask for Ovi."
— Richard & Yvonne S. from Orange, MA
"Rick did a good job!"
— Dianne L. from Greenfield, MA
"Want to let you know how very pleased we were with your prompt and efficient service in clearing our clogged main waste line in our basement last Thursday. Stanley and Rudy were cheerful and extremely helpful; and Barb was pleasant and equally helpful on the phone. To top it off, the bill was very reasonable. Thank you!"
— Amy & Doug C. from Greenfield, MA
"Hello, I just wanted to give a review for Ovi who serviced our furnace. He was very nice, professional, and did a great job. In a time when it's so hard to find good help, you are lucky to have him as an employee."
— Carolyn W. from Shelburne, MA
"I'm a bit late getting this to you, but I want to give praise where praise is due regarding one of your employees, Stanley. Stanley has been coming to our office for several years helping us with our office plumbing problems. Each time he is here, he is very professional, kind, and really has a great sense of humor! He makes sure to check in letting us know what is involved with fixing our problems and is timely getting it done. We really appreciate all of your efforts and thank you for having such a great employee!"
— Paula W. from Greenfield
"Rick is great. He explained everything to me after cleaning my furnace. He is the friendliest!"
— Warren H. from Pelham, MA
"Jonas was so informative, cheerful, and explained everything. You have a lovely employee."
— Carol B. from Montague, MA
"Jonas did an excellent job. I was very impressed."
— Gertrude R. from Colrain, MA
"Rick came on August 30th and cleaned our one year old oil burner. He was efficient as he worked, explained what he was doing and how the oil burner worked. He answered all my questions and left his work area spotless. I would welcome him back to clean our oil burner every year. You have a great employee."
— Kathleen O. from Northfield, MA
"Jonas was very pleasant. He did a great job and didn’t leave a mess."
— Gloria Jean P. from Charlemont, MA
"Stanley, Rudy, and Mark were great. They got everything draining properly for me."
— Doug C. from Greenfield, MA
"Rick was just great! He walked us through everything we needed to know. He did some troubleshooting and took care of everything."
— Susan T from South Deerfield, MA
"Stanley did excelling work. He showed up on time and took care of everything. I am very pleased!"
— Richard B. from Greenfield, MA
"Rick B. was great! "
— Meg M. from Florence, MA
"Ryan did a great job and answered all of my questions. A+ work.

— Jim G. from Greenfield, MA
"Great service from Ryan associated with my plumbing issue. Very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable!"
— Marilyn B. from Greenfield, MA
"Rick was very good and very professional. We are very pleased!"
— Don L.
"Ryan did a great job and was so helpful for the upgrades we needed. "
— Mr. Barrett from Greenfield, MA
"You sent the right men to do the job. Very good job! Thank you for the prompt service."
— Mike G. from Greenfield, MA
"Tony did a great job."
— Ingrid P. from Leverett, MA
"My technician was very professional, super friendly, and did a great job."
— Phylis D. from Greenfield, MA
"Rick came to do a yearly maintenance on my Lennox boiler. I specifically asked for him because he has done much work on my boiler in the past. He was on time, early in fact, for the appointment which I appreciated. As usual, Rick was friendly and communicative. I also was not getting heat in one zone. He diagnosed the problem very quickly and ordered the necessary part. He was methodical in his checks on the boiler parts and the service was finished in good time. He is always a pleasure to have work in my home because of his knowledge and personality."
— Georgann M. from Deerfield, MA
"Tony was top notch, courteous, and quiet. Could not be better!"
— Diane P. from Shelburne Falls, MA
"Brian and Allen did a great job installing my oil tank."
— Joan B. from Colrain, MA
"Jonas did a wonderful job. He was very helpful in explaining everything."
— Karen W. from Greenfield, MA
"I would love to thank Rick for his excellent service."
— Emma A. from Greenfield, MA
"Ryan was sent over yesterday morning to unplug a drain. He was great. He introduced himself right away, took the task seriously, and fixed our problem. Ryan is an asset to Sandri."
— John R. from Greenfield, MA
"Tony is an excellent tech. He did a great job, arrived early, was very quiet, and left everything clean. Thank you!"
— Fred B.
"Stan the plumber did an excellent job!"
— Chris A. from Greenfield, MA
"Ovi and Brian did an outstanding job. 5 stars!"
— Elizabeth L. from Putney, VT
"Jonas did a great job.
— Geraldine M. from Shelburne Falls, MA
"Tony was on time, personable, efficient, and knowledgeable!"
— Polly F. from Shelburne Falls, MA
"Rick is very thorough and professional with excellent workmanship. He is also very courteous and pleasant to work with."
— Susan F. from Conway, MA
"Stanley is an excellent service technician, look forward to using him again."
— Boisvert/Gorman from Amherst, MA
"Tony and Rick both came to my house to service my boiler. They were professional and courteous."
— Katie A. from Brattleboro, VT
"Rick did a great job!"
— Don A. from Turners Falls, MA
"Mark the plumber is the best! My dishwasher is now in place and working great."
— Merith D.
"Tony completed our tuneup in September and he was excellent, old fashioned, polite, and gracious."
— Janice and Everett H. from Greenfield, MA
"Jonas did the annual service of our furnace today. He gets the highest marks! He arrived on time, worked steadily, and reviewed the details of the service when he was done. He was polite and clear in his explanations."
— Barbara P. from Greenfield, MA
"Stanley did an excellent job today. He was able to come earlier than expected, which worked very well for me. As it turned out, I needed more than the flapper fixed so we decided to replace the whole toilet as that would be more cost effective. After consulting with Stanley, I decided on the same model with a higher height to the bowl. He quickly located the toilet in Northampton and I chose to go pick it up while he took out the old one, thus minimizing the job time. Everything went very smoothly. He even took away the old toilet and all the packaging from the new one. He was so efficient and knew exactly what he was doing. It was my lucky day!"
— Georgann M. from Deerfield, MA
"What a fine technician you have there. He serviced and cleaned our furnace, and did a superb job. The heat is working like a charm again.

Rick was not only highly competent, but also very friendly with a great sense of humor. He entertained us with a bit of a personal story about his deep sea fishing, which is a favorite way to spend a day in the summer for me also.

We discussed some issues that we have had with the boiler and he helped me understand what may have to happen, setting up the parameters that would make it work most efficiently.

Thank you for sending him to us. "
— Ronald V. from Greenfield, MA
"We just had our annual cleaning done by Jonas. He was friendly, quick, and thorough. He explained what he was doing was I watched and asked occasional questions. What an asset for Sandri!"
— Jim C. from Greenfield, MA
"Our technicians Chris and Jay, were kind and courteous. They are very good employees and the quality of their workmanship was exceptional. They were helpful and very professional. "
— Emery T. from Halifax, VT
"Rick has just finished our annual furnace service and as always, the visit was firsttier. He is at the top of his game. He is thoroughly knowledgeable about all aspects of heating with our steam system, works quickly, and leaves the place spotless. He is personable and helpful and a very good representative for your company; I can only assume and hope that Rick is a valued employee."
— Max B. from Greenfield, MA
"Ryan arrived as scheduled and looked for the source of the water leak problem. He described what the problem was, fixed it, and cleaned up the room. It looked like no one had worked in it! Ryan was courteous, punctual, and very competent. I thank him very much for his work! Sandri has a god guy on their payroll. Do not let him leave you! "
— Bonny G. from Greenfield, MA
"Tom is absolutely terrific and very thorough. "
— Brian H. from West Dover, MA
"Ovi is very good, 5 stars! "
— Tom R. from Sunderland, MA
"Tom was very thorough with his cleaning. Thanks, Tom! "
— Jane O. from West Dover, VT
"Rick serviced my gas furnace today. He was friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable."
— John from Greenfield, MA
"Ryan was an excellent plumber. I’d like to get him every time I need a plumber! He deserves 10 stars."
— Stanley P. from Bernardston, MA
"Stanley came to our house today to do several plumbing fixes. He did a great job and took care of everything - and he’s a nice guy!"
— Dave H.
"I've used Sandri for so many HVAC and water heater concerns over the years and you've been wonderful and do great work. Rick has taken care of my furnace and AC, as well as my hot water heater. He's the best."
— Eric B. from Amherst, MA
"It delights me to write a top review for the service that Jonas performed on my boiler today. He was prompt, courteous, personable, and without a doubt, very well qualified for his work.

He seems an overall capable young man who, I hope, will continue to be invested in his work and rise up in your company as well. I’d say you are fortunate to have an employee such as Jonas on your staff."
— Penny D. from Conway, NH
"I would like to recommend and also to tip your technician, Rick, who performed the scheduled boiler maintenance at our home today. He was professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous, and whatever mechanism you have for rewarding employees should certainly be used to commend him."
— Ilene S. from Greenfield, MA
"Since I do not do reviews online, at a minimum I did want to email you to let you know how pleased we were with the services provided by your technician, Ovi. My partner and I own a rental property and we had an issue with the boiler leaking water in one of the units. Since we recently purchased the property, we weren't exactly sure what the history was with the boiler.

Ovi arrived promptly and was able to isolate the problem with the indirect water heater tank, only after ruling out other potential culprits (and saving us another visit). He explained what he was doing every step of the way and answered all of our questions. He was knowledgeable and very professional and we appreciated his patience. We would definitely use his services again."
— Evan O. from Shutesbury, MA
"We recently had a plugged drain in one of our apartments. Ryan was dispatched. He was prompt and courteous and got the job done. Because of the way the drain was configured from past tinkerers the pipes keep plugging up, so between the three of us (Joel, Ryan, and myself), we decided to correct the problem by installing a proper 'Y' drain pipe, which Ryan did for us. I truly enjoyed his attitude and professionalism. Great job, thank you!"
— Robert B. from Turners Falls, MA
"Ryan came by this morning on time to fix our sink spray. He did it quickly and efficiently, all the while making pleasant conversation. A pleasure to talk with him!"
— John V. from Northampton, MA
"Today I had a maintenance check on my furnace done by Rick. As always Rick was on time and did an excellent job making sure the furnace was working at its peak performance. Rick is quite thorough and professional at his job. I would consider Rick a valuable asset to the Sandri Corporation."
— Mark M. from Amherst, MA
"I was very pleased with Tony, he was on time and very pleasant. He explained everything. Great job!"
— Angela C. from Hawley, MA
"Jonas is one the best technicians I’ve ever had!"
— Tim M. from Turners Falls, MA