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Have you thought about converting your business’s heating system to a more environmentally friendly option that will also lower your energy costs? Clean Burn offers just that.


Controlling expenses is the number one concern of most businesses today. Waste-oil heating systems are ideal for businesses like auto repair garages, car dealerships, truck rental facilities, or other locations with a used oil supply. There is no better move than to cut your heating bills with a Clean Burn waste-oil furnace or boiler. You will immediately begin saving money by lowering — or in most cases eliminating — your heating costs.

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Discover the Clean Burn Advantage

Offering the best waste-oil commercial-grade heating system in the industry, Clean Burn has been regarded as the #1 brand of its kind for more than 30 years. Each system has a true heat exchanger for more heat output than your current furnace or boiler. Clean Burn’s product line ranges to meet each customer’s exact needs, which means no under- or over-sizing. After you select your system, the quality continues with dedicated support from Clean Burn specialists and your local energy provider.

With Clean Burn, you can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Top-quality manufacturing
  • More heat for a lower cost
  • Industry-leading warranty
  • Extensive equipment model options

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Our coverage area includes Western Massachusetts, parts of Southern New Hampshire, and most of Vermont. Our mission is to assist all waste-oil generators in their effort to make disposing of used, waste oil as easy and economical as possible.

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Clean Heating from Your Trusted Energy Provider

By burning your used waste oil in a Clean Burn waste-oil furnace or boiler, you can save money by reducing — if not eliminating — your heating costs, haulage fees, and potential liability. Most importantly, you are doing your part to help save our environment for future generations.

The flexibility of our distributorship allows us to size Clean Burn equipment to fit your building requirements and install equipment to meet all local regulations and standards. We are also experts at servicing your Clean Burn waste-oil heater when necessary.

Our success is measured by customer satisfaction. It is our goal to ensure our customers obtain as much information as possible on all aspects of burning used waste oils in a Clean Burn furnace or boiler. To learn more, please contact us.

If you have any questions about implementing a Clean Burn waste-oil heater, contact us today!

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