Price Protection Plans

Our price protection plans are closed for the winter. Please check back in April.

At Sandri, we know that predicting your heating costs for the next winter can be tricky. No one knows what each heating season will bring, and the energy market can be extremely volatile. Don’t let these elements take complete control of the price you pay for heating fuel here in New England. With a Sandri price protection program, heating your home can be convenient, easy, and much more affordable!

Learn more about our fuel payment and price protection options below.

Budget Plan with Price Cap

Most people spread payments for their mortgage, car, cable TV, and phone over monthly installments. Why not pay for your heating costs the same way? As part of our continuing effort to provide the best customer service in the area, we can help you avoid large, unexpected payments in the winter months by managing your fuel costs throughout the year with a budget plan.

How It Works

This program will keep your budget payments on track. There will be no need to adjust monthly payments up when market prices rise, because we put a ceiling on your prices all year long. If our retail price per gallon is higher than the Cap price at any point, your account is only billed the Cap price. If our retail price is below the Cap then you are charged the lower of the two prices for your fuel delivery. This will allow us to give you a credit on your account at the end of the year if prices do fall throughout the season.

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Fixed Price Prepay

With this program you choose how many gallons you would like to purchase at our special Prepay price. That price is locked in for those gallons and you won’t pay any more than that—it’s that simple. If the market price goes up, your fixed price remains the same. If the market price goes down, your fixed price stays the same. You prepay the total amount for your gallons in one payment.

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Prepay with Downside Protection

This program is the same as the Fixed Prepay Program, except it also has the added benefit of getting you a credit back if the market falls. This is a great way to anticipate your heating costs for next year by securing a fixed price, but will also avoid you second-guessing yourself should prices fall over the winter.