Sandri's 90th Anniversary

Great prizes for fall services!
Sandri Energy is giving away $90 prizes EVERY WEEK all year long & a grand prize of a $900 account credit awarded to THREE lucky winners!

Welcome Tognarelli Customers!

As of January 2, 2018, Tognarelli Heating & Cooling has officially merged with Sandri Energy in Greenfield, MA.

Thank You to Our Loyal Customers

Thanks to you, the Tognarelli business has seen steady growth since day one. We are beyond grateful to those who have contributed to our success. The next steps from this success led us to decide between reinvesting for expansion or joining forces with another local company. We are pleased to have found a partner like Sandri, that is family owned, locally run, and literally right around the corner!

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What to Expect from Sandri Energy and Tognarelli?

Sandri is a full-service energy provider with 90 years of experience keeping their community comfortable. They offer an ever-expanding menu of services including heating fuel delivery, HVAC installation and maintenance, renewable energy options, and more. Tognarelli’s expertise in heating, cooling, and plumbing will contribute to Sandri’s goal to service your home energy needs. Our team looks forward to this partnership and continuing our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Tognarelli Plumbing Services

Have a clog? Call Tog! Tognarelli is proud to continue to be Western MA’s top choice for reliable plumbing solutions. Led by Joe Tognarelli, Tognarelli Plumbing will contribute to Sandri’s service offerings to address a range of common plumbing issues, like leaky faucets, hardware replacement, drain clogs, and more.


This change is not a farewell, but a transition. We love our customers and our employees and have found a merger with Sandri Energy to be a win for everyone. We are thrilled to join another local business and to continue doing what we love in our new roles at Sandri Energy!