Vermont’s Answer to Energy: HVAC, Heating, Renewable, and Motor Fuels

The Top Energy Supplier in the Northeast

Homeowners and business owners across Vermont choose Sandri Energy to meet their year-round energy needs. From residential home heating  and HVAC, to bulk wood pellets  and commercial vehicle fuel, Sandri has what it takes to power life in the Green Mountain State.

Reliable Fuel Delivery in VT

Here at Sandri Energy, the customer always comes first. That means you have the choice of propane, heating oil, and wood pellets to meet your home’s unique energy needs. From Burlington to Brattleboro and select areas in between, we are proud to service local residents with dependable delivery and top quality heating fuel at low, competitive rates. However you choose heat your Vermont home or business, you can count on Sandri to deliver your fuel safely and on schedule.

Affordable HVAC Heating & Cooling for New England

Year-round comfort shouldn’t come at a heavy price. That is why Sandri Energy provides New Englanders with high-efficiency heating and cooling systems and services. Customers across Vermont  rely on us to keep their homes comfortable from season to season. Our licensed HVAC professionals are prepared to maintain your current equipment, or help select a new system that is best for your home. Sandri offers affordable service plans, expert installation, and diagnostic repairs for central and ductless air conditioners, boilers, furnaces, generators, and even electric heat pumps

The Benefits of High-Efficiency Equipment
When you heat or cool with higher efficiency equipment, that translates to more effective energy output. Significant perks include:

  • Improved year-round comfort
  • Lower annual energy costs
  • Reduced risk of equipment malfunction
  • Lower emissions

You can save money and energy all year with high-efficiency heating and cooling, no matter what Vermont’s unpredictable four-season climate throws your way.

Premium Gas and Diesel Motor Fuel

When it comes to motor fuels, Vermonters depend on Sandri Energy to keep their tanks full and vehicles on the move. As one of the largest Sunoco distributors in the area, we are proud to offer a full-service supply of premium unbranded and Sunoco diesel, motor oil, and gas.

Vermont’s Choice for Motor Fuels
Sandri will meet, and exceed, your energy expectations every time. Our motor fuel services  are built to cater to a range of commercial fueling needs. Whether you need to fuel your fleet find the closest retail fueling station, or want to start up your own business  in partnership with Sandri, we’ve got you covered. However you do business with us, you’ll enjoy perks like 24/7 bulk diesel and gas delivery and fuel hauling for third parties. Interested in wholesale purchasing? We can help with that! Choose from a range of high quality Sunoco fuels at reasonable rates.

Commercial Fueling Made Easy
Keep company productivity at an all-time high with Sandri Energy. Instead of losing valuable time at the pump, you can have premium fuel delivered right to your door. Our onsite delivery system saves Vermont businesses time, money, and hassle. We provide both vehicle fleet and storage tank fueling services to make sure your team is never running on empty. Does your company require regular fleet fueling? Sign up for Sandri’s Fleet Card Program so save even more on fueling costs.

The Future of Energy is Renewable

Sandri Energy is prepared to help Vermont move towards a cleaner, greener future. Enter, wood pellets, an eco-friendly heating solution that offers the same level of home comfort as oil or propane without the environmental impact. Residential and commercial customers across the region choose wood pellets to take advantage of benefits like fair pricing, heat output, environmental protection, safety, and more.

Order Wood Pellets in Vermont

Become a wood pellet customer with Sandri to make heating your home affordable, safe, and eco-friendly. We are proud to offer Warm Front Premium Wood Pellets. You can order these New England manufactured pellets by the ton or bag, depending on your energy needs.

Wood Pellet Heating Equipment
Do you want to make the switch to a renewable energy heating option? Sandri Energy is here to help! As Vermont’s renewable energy experts, we are pleased to sell, install, and service a range of wood pellet-fired heating systems. Our central heating systems include pellet boilers  and wood pellet stoves. Contact us and one of our specialists will help you select the right fit for your home and your budget.  Already have a pellet-fired heating system in place? Sandri’s licensed technicians are trained to perform routine maintenance and diagnostic repairs so that your wood pellet heating system is always operating efficiently.

Bulk Wood Pellet Delivery in Vermont
Powering your business with wood pellets has never been easier.  When it comes to renewable energy, businesses in the Northeast trust Sandri to provide eco-friendly heating options that can stack up to their commercial needs. With the industry’s largest fleet dedicated to bulk wood pellet delivery, Vermont companies can expect their renewable fuel deliveries throughout the state to be on time, every time.

Clean Burn Heating Equipment for Your Home
If you want to reduce your environmental impact but you’re not sure if a wood pellet heating system is right for you, Sandri Energy has the answer. Sandri boasts the largest distributor network representing Clean Burn furnaces and boilers in the country. Clean Burn furnaces and boilers turn waste oil into a viable heating source. This recycling process can significantly reduce your energy use and output, lower annual fuel costs, and best of all: help protect the environment for future generations in the Green Mountain State.

Sandri’s heating experts are available to help select and size the right Clean Burn equipment for your home or business. Next, our team will professionally install your new Clean Burn boiler or furnace to meet all local regulations and safety standards. Have questions about how Clean Burn heating equipment can improve your home comfort and our environment? Contact us today!