Brian S. from Amherst, MA

“I just wanted to let you know what incredible people you have working with you and for you. Your people just installed a new heating and hot water installation for us and prior to that, we have received service on our old heating system and our air conditioning system from your people for the past six years or so.

Kathy in customer service is an amazing person who has helped us get service as quickly as possible in may situations where we either had no heat or no hot water. She is always friendly, always returns calls and emails promptly and never fails to find the right person for the job we need to be done.

Paul came out to our home to help us choose our new heating system. He is clearly an expert in his field and we knew we were getting a good system. He is even helping us submit a rebate for the new system.

Lisa coordinated the installation and she helped us greatly by managing to get us Dave as our installer. She was very friendly and also, very good at her job, and I can only guess how hard it is juggling all the work your installers need to do!

Last but not no least, Dave is the most amazing one of all. I have trusted everything he has said in the six years or so he has been coming to our home and fixing our old system. He gives good advice, honest answers to tough questions and he follows through on everything he does. The other installers that worked with him on our installation were also very good at their jobs and friendly. They made sure that our gas was back on in all of our appliances and they were so good at clean-up that I think our basement looked better after they had installed the system than it had before they arrived. Led by Dave, they all did a wonderful job.

There have been other nice people who have helped us over the years and they are the reason we keep coming back to Sandri. Thank you!”