“Sandri installed a Froling cordwood boiler in the basement of the new addition at my property in Sunderland. A year ago, I began to talk to Lauren about the project and he worked with me and the manufacturer to design the correct system.

Rudy, Stan, and Dede worked at my house for a solid week installing the system. A few others rotated in and out to help with pipe fitting and such. Everybody was polite, professional, and friendly. I am what you might call a hands-on owner and I checked in on them several times a day while they were working. At no time did they make me feel like I was bothering them, and they were always happy to answer questions. They also asked me about the overall plan for my space and other systems that might be added later – this was to ensure that I didn’t get fenced into a particular layout and future work would be accommodated. That was a huge plus in my book, because this was a substantial investment for my family.

Rudy came back a few times to make the customary adjustments and tweaks that you’d expect with a system like this. He also called me after hours to talk through a few questions.

So far, the system is working well. If any Sandri customers are contemplating a heating system like this and request a reference, please have them contact me.”

- Steven B. from Sunderland, MA