“He was polite and honest, very professional. Did an excellent job! We are enjoying our new toilet. Thank you!”

- Nicole & Jesse M.

“I required plumbing services and today they came and made my life a bit easier. They fixed my broken toilet lever and whatever else it needed to make run properly. Also installed new bathroom faucets. So happy with them. I don’t know what they did but the water warms up faster. No wasting water any longer. Thanks!”

- Cynthia K. from Amherst, MA

“Alex did a grand job replacing my faucet, he was very professional and proficient.”

- William S. from Ashfield, MA

“Alex and Mark did a great job, there are no leaks, and everything is working great.”

- Peter F.

“Alex was nice to talk with, so glad he could help.”

- Eileen S. from Montague, MA

“Alex got here early and unclogged the sink drain He was very courteous, nice, and attentive.  He did a great job, wonderful job, and I am very pleased with work he has done.”

- Karen from Greenfield, MA

“Alex was very thorough.  Very pleased with the work and with his personality, how he speaks to customers, his knowledge, how he listens to the customers, and helps them to understand.”

- Mark & Karen from Gill, MA

“I was lucky enough to get Stanley for my on-call weekend plumbing emergency. He was prompt, friendly, efficient, explained things, and fixed the problem in practically no time at all. He also noted another potential issue that will be inexpensive to resolve. I was really happy with this whole experience which entirely fixed my plumbing problem. Thank you, Stanley!”

- D. from Greenfield, MA

“I wanted to thank Barb for getting the plumber, Stan, to our property quickly. Stan and Alex were quick, very polite, and are just two wonderful guys.”

- John D. from Turners Falls, MA

“Mark was very efficient and a very nice guy who saved our washing machine. Super impressed!”

- Heim G. from Amherst, MA