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Heating Fuel Price Protection Plans FAQs

Spring is officially here! As temperatures start to rise, heating fuel is probably the last thing on your mind. Don’t forget about it just yet! There’s one important thing you need to add to your spring checklist: signing up for price protection. Sandri’s price protection plans deliver 100% predictable heating oil or propane rates through […]

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Winter Safety Tips: Help Us to Help You!

Winter is just gearing up in New England. There’s plenty more snow, ice, and freezing temperatures ahead! Sandri Energy works hard to keep you safe and warm through the seasons, but if you’d like to be even more prepared, follow these easy steps. Our winter safety tips will help our drivers deliver the fuel you […]

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Choose a Fuel Provider You Can Truly Count On

Last winter was a challenge for everyone in our community and across the Northeast. Record-breaking stretches of freezing temperatures left many homeowners and business owners without fuel because local energy providers simply couldn’t keep up. This happened to plenty of people in Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire – but not to Sandri customers. We at […]

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