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Boilers and Furnaces for Wood and Pellets

Sandri has several central heating options that utilize wood and pellet fuel, including furnaces and boilers by leading manufacturers. If you are not sure which system is right for your property, learn more about your options below.

Furnaces vs. Boilers

A pellet furnace relies on a home’s ductwork to distribute the heated air via a distribution fan. A pellet boiler is a hydronic system that heats water that is distributed throughout the home via in-floor heating systems, wall radiators, etc. A pellet boiler can also be integrated into an existing force-air furnace system through the use of a water-to-air heat exchanger placed inside the plenum/duct. Pellet-fueled boilers can also assist in supplying your domestic hot water needs. Consult your Sandri expert on proper application and installation.

Install an Automated Wood Heat System

Boilers and furnaces can be easily equipped with an automated system that delivers wood pellets at the touch of a button. This gives you freedom to increase or decrease your home temperature without having to stoke the fire manually. If you want to learn more about automated systems or install your own, click here.

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Wood Boilers We Supply and Install

The ÖkoFEN/MESys Auto Pellet Boiler is fully automated and self-feeding with no manual handling of pellets necessary! It boasts self-cleaning automatic ash removal, possible integration with existing systems, and annual savings of up to 50% on your heating bills, among other benefits. Upgrading to this system can also make residents in Massachusetts eligible for up to $16,500 in MassCEC rebates! This boiler starts at just $199 per month.

The ÖkoFEN Pellematic Condens_e is a highly-efficient generator that produces heat along with 1kW electricity. This is an upgrade from the Pellematic Consens and has a Stirling engine for more efficient use.

The Convertible Pellet System is a hand-fuel-fed option that has an output of 11,500 to 109,500 BTU/hr. This model can be upgraded to fully automatic with ash removal. This boiler sells for $11,750.

The EasyPell Manual Pellet Systems is an affordable option for a pellet boiler that performs with all the conveniences of an oil or propane boiler, putting out up to 68,000 BTU/hr. Starting price is $6,999 (rebates do not apply).

ÖkoFEN/MESys Pellet Boilers

The Froling S3 Turbo Firewood Boiler is a highly-efficient wood boiler that offers quality technology for a mid-range price. The S3 Turbo can be loaded with half-meter firewood easily from the front, and it often needs to be filled only once per day.

Fröling Wood and Pellet Boilers

Contact us for more information and to get started on your installation. Don’t forget to ask about MA, NH or VT rebates for your fully automated system to cover up to 55% of your project cost!

Rebates for Wood Pellet Systems
Auto Pellet Air Wood Boiler
MESys Convertible Pellet System

froling boilder

okofen condenser

Furnaces We Supply and Install

The ÖkoFEN Auto Pellet Air wood pellet furnace offered by Sandri provides better heat and convenience than a fossil fuel furnace. This particular system is equipped to be either fully automated or hand fed, depending on your preference. It is designed to meet the heat demands of households as well as many commercial and municipal buildings. This furnace starts at just $149 per month.

ÖkoFEN/MESys Pellet Furnaces

Contact us for more information and to get started on your installation! 

Don’t forget to ask about MA rebates of your fully automated system to cover up to 55% of your project cost!

Storage Bins We Supply

We carry a variety of storage solutions to keep your supply of wood pellets clean and dry when stored on your property.

View Our Storage Bin Options

large wood pellet storage bin

Contact us for more information or to order your pellet storage solution!