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Sandri is committed to providing clean energy fuel sources to our customers in Massachusetts and the surrounding New England area. That’s why we supply wood pellets, a superior fuel alternative that is eco-friendly and cost effective. The pellets themselves are byproducts of sawdust and wood shavings from sawmills being put to good, sustainable use. We currently carry several lines of wood pellet central heating systems for both commercial and residential applications.

Environmentally Friendly Heating in New England

Switching from a fossil fuel to a renewable energy source like wood pellets is simple and beneficial for your home or business. Not only is it an environmentally friendly choice because of its recycled makeup; this energy source boasts highly efficient equipment with ultra-low emissions. A pellet stove, boiler, or furnace provides warmth to heat your whole home!

Whole-Home Comfort with Pellet Central Heating Systems

Many homeowners think that heating with wood pellets is similar to using a conventional wood stove in that the equipment only offers room-by-room heat. In reality, wood pellets present a wide range of central heating equipment options—just like heating with oil or gas. Fully automated heating systems that operate off your existing control system.

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