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New Hampshire’s Energy Choice: Motor Fuels, Renewable Heating Systems, HVAC, and Fuel Delivery

The #1 Local Energy Provider in New Hampshire

New Hampshire homeowners and business owners trust Sandri Energy to meet their residential and commercial fuel needs all year long. No matter what New England weather throws our way, we’re prepared to help keep homes and businesses across the state safe and warm.  On top of comfort services like affordable HVAC , we are proud to provide New Hampshire with commercial fueling, renewable energy options, and timely delivery.

New Hampshire’s Renewable Energy Solution

Here at Sandri Energy, we are prepared to help New England move towards a cleaner, greener future. This movement starts at home, with renewable energy options from Sandri. We believe that eco-friendly options such be just as available and affordable to New Hampshire homeowners as traditional fossil fuels. This is why we now offer wood pellet sales and service across the Northeast.  When you make the switch to wood pellet heating, advantages beyond environmental benefits include competitive pricing, strong heat output, home safety, and more.

Affordable Wood Pellet Heating Equipment
More and more New Hampshire residents are making the switch to eco-friendly wood pellet heating. If you’re ready to jump on board, you can count on Sandri Energy for expert installation, service recommendations, and fair equipment pricing. We carry a range of quality wood pellet-fired heating systems, like pellet boilers and wood pellet stoves, manufactured by some of the best brands on the market. If you already have a wood pellet heating system in your home, you can count on Sandri to keep your system running smoothly. Our experienced heating specialists are equipped with the training to properly repair malfunctions and perform routine maintenance.

Easy Wood Pellet Ordering in NH
Here at Sandri Energy, product quality is one of our top priorities. We are pleased to sell locally manufactured wood pellets from Warm Front Premium Wood Pellets.  NH wood pellet customers can enjoy the same easy ordering process as oil or propane users. Pellets are available for purchase by the ton or bag to further accommodate your unique energy needs.

Bulk Wood Pellet Delivery across New Hampshire
New Hampshire companies that use eco-friendly wood pellets to power day-to-day operations can count on Sandri Energy to deliver, big time. We are equipped with the largest fleet in the industry dedicated exclusively to bulk wood pellet delivery. That means customers that choose bulk wood pellet delivery can expect the very same quick, reliable service that traditional oil and propane customers know and love.

Clean Burn Renewable Heating Systems in New Hampshire
Even if you aren’t ready to make the switch to wood pellet heating, there are other ways to significantly reduce your energy consumption. Sandri is proud to have the largest network of distributors for Clean Burn furnaces and boilers in the country. These furnaces and boilers turn waste oil into viable heating fuel. By recycling heating fuel, you are able to significantly lower energy use and output. These safe, affordable heating systems are a great way to make your home or business more environmentally friendly.

Sandri’s team of licensed energy specialists is ready to help you choose the right Clean Burn boiler or furnace for your New Hampshire home or business. Once you’ve made your decision, our service staff will efficiently size and install your new heating equipment to meet local regulations and safety standards. Are you thinking about upgrading to Clean Burn heating equipment? Contact us today!

Dependable Fuel Delivery Service in New Hampshire

When winter weather arrives in New Hampshire, local residents can count on Sandri Energy to keep things comfortable. However you heat your home or business, we are prepared to provide timely delivery and the very best customer service. Oil, propane, and wood pellet heating customers enjoy the many benefits that have built Sandri’s reputation as the best energy provider in the area.

New Hampshire’s Choice for Motor Fuels and Premium Gas

As one of the largest Sunoco distributors in New England (and the country!) it’s no surprise that NH business owners turn to Sandri Energy to help get the job done. We offer a full-service supply of Sunoco products and premium unbranded products like motor oil, diesel, and gas.

Premium Motor Fuels at Premium Rates
Keep your commercial fleet on the road with motor fuels from Sandri Energy. Whether you need bulk vehicle fueling or to find a nearby retail fueling station, we’ve got you covered. We provide hauling for third parties, 24/7 bulk diesel and gas delivery, and even business partnership opportunities  to customers across our service area.  New Hampshire customers can take their pick from a range of premium Sunoco fuels at the fairest rates in New Hampshire.

Commercial Fueling Made Easy
When it comes to increasing productivity and eliminated wasted time, Sandri Energy understands what it takes. This is why we service regions of New Hampshire with 24/7 onsite premium fuel delivery. With both vehicle fleet and storage tank fill ups available, you can rest assured that your team is always operating at peak efficiency. Sign up for our Fleet Card Program to take advantage of even more commercial fueling savings.

High-Efficiency Heating and Cooling in New England

Year round comfort is a guarantee when you choose Sandri Energy for your heating and cooling HVAC needs. We are pleased to provide parts of New Hampshire with top quality service for high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment at the best rates in the state. Our trained team of HVAC specialists can help you select new equipment, maintain your current system, and accurately diagnose and repair any issues. Sandri’s range of energy-saving home comfort equipment includes oil-fired boilers, generators, central and ductless A/C, gas furnaces, and more.

Why You Should Upgrade to High-Efficiency Equipment
When you use higher efficiency equipment to keep your home comfortable, that translates into more effective energy output. Make the switch and take advantage of these benefits:

  • Improved year-round comfort
  • Lower annual energy costs
  • Reduced risk of equipment malfunction
  • Lower emissions

Save money and energy all year long with high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment from Sandri. No matter what Mother Nature has in store, you’ll be ready!