Sandri's 90th Anniversary

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Sandri Energy is giving away $90 prizes EVERY WEEK all year long & a grand prize of a $900 account credit awarded to THREE lucky winners!


If you are looking for a reliable wholesale fuel supplier in New England or Eastern New York, you’re in luck. Sandri has been a leader in the petroleum industry for 80 years and is a proud distributor of several branded and unbranded fuels. Sunoco and Gulf products, for example, offer excellent brand recognition throughout the Northeast region. Consistent quality and professional standards have made the brands we at Sandri carry those that people can depend on. We are proud to offer products tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Keep Your Business on the Move

Learn about our extensive motor fuel options, wholesale purchasing, and more. Contact Scott Childs, Motor fuels Area Manager, at (413) 355-6592 or by email to get started with Sandri.

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Run Your Own Retail Station

Learn about the retail stations currently available for lease in MA, NH, NY, and VT. Give our Motor Fuels Area Manager, Scott Childs, a call at (413) 355-6592 for more information.

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Our Retail Network

    • Delivery Capabilities – With fuel transports stationed at several depots throughout our retail and wholesale network, Sandri’s delivery infrastructure is second to none. Combined with our large retail network we can guarantee timely deliveries and expert customer service.
    • Automatic Delivery Scheduling (Optional) – We will monitor your tank and deliver fuel on time before you run out.
    • Strong Brands – Sandri, combined with the major branded fuels offered already widely known and recognized in our area, has a significant presence in New England and Eastern New York.
    • Strong Network – Knowing your retail location is part of a much larger network means that the branded flag that you choose to fly will already be well known by your customers. We are one of the largest and longest lasting Sunoco distributors, and we also distribute Gulf, other major brands, and unbranded fuels.

Terry Ayub, Sandri Station Owner

Doing business with Sandri is unlike most other companies. As Terry will explain in this video, our unparalleled customer service will help you in all areas of your business. Whether it’s your first station or your fifth, we treat everyone to the same full-service experience. In this video you can hear one man’s story of how Sandri and Sunoco helped to build his future.