Wood Pellets
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Renewable Heating Fuel

Heating your New England home or business with a renewable energy source is a smart choice when it comes to price, heat output, safety, environmental benefits, and more. At Sandri, we encourage homeowners and business owners in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont to choose wood pellets for effective and efficient heating year after year.


40lb. Bags: $359.99


*Delivery fees apply. Call for details. 


Order your premium wood pellets by the bag, depending on your energy needs and preferences. Contact us to request your order!

Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets

Lignetics is a high-quality premium grade pellet which is packaged in a clear bag in order to showcase the product to consumers. Manufactured right here in New England, Lignetics pellets offer high performance heat, low ash content, and a clean burn. Click here to learn more about Lignetics premium high-quality pellets.

  • High Performance Heat
  • Max 8800 BTU
  • Less Than 1% Ash Content
  • Quality Guaranteed
Lignetics Pellet Bag

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Bagged Pellet Delivery Fees

We deliver premium wood pellets to homes and businesses throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Take a look at our delivery fees below.

Distance from Sandri(to your home) Flat Fee
Greenfield $30.00
1-5 Miles $35.00
6-10 Miles $40.00
11-15 Miles $45.00
16-20 Miles $50.00
21-25 Miles $55.00
26-30 Miles $60.00
31-35 Miles $65.00
36-40 Miles $70.00
41-45 Miles $75.00
46-50 Miles $80.00
51-55 Miles $85.00
56-60 Miles $90.00
61-65 Miles $95.00
66-70 Miles $100.00
71-75 Miles $105.00

Not sure how far? Map the distance here!

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