Trade-In Program

Sandri’s Clean Burn Furnace Trade-In Program is a convenient and rewarding option for any business already using Clean Burn technology. The program allows you to swap out your current heating system for a newer, higher efficiency model at a low cost. And with Sandri as your Clean Burn distributor, you can trust that your installation will be performed safely and professionally.

Why Clean Burn Is the Northeast’s #1 Heating System

More customers choose Clean Burn for high-efficiency used-oil heating than all other brands combined. Take advantage of this great offer if it is time to replace your current system. Your new Clean Burn furnace will be even easier to maintain! It will come with a new metering pump that eliminates oil adjustments at the burner, and the design of the new furnace will allow air to be blown in three different directions.

It Pays to Upgrade. Call (800) 628-1900 ext. 194 for more details.

Is It Time for an Upgrade?

If you are searching for a new, high-quality oil heating system for your business and already take advantage of Clean Burn’s efficient operation, upgrading your equipment is easy.

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