Recycling Centers
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Recycling Centers

When used in combination with a Clean Burn furnace, a state-of-the-art Clean Burn Recycling Center is the ideal system for collecting, storing, and generating heat recovered from used waste oils. The Clean Burn Recycling Center works with most Clean Burn waste-oil furnace models and provides a 250-gallon storage tank.


A Clean Burn Recycling Center makes oil handling and free heat generation easier because it combines the tank and furnace in one convenient unit. In addition to a Clean Burn furnace and all its components, the industrial grade Clean Burn Recycling Center includes a waste-oil storage tank, legs, supports, brackets, mounting plates, and wiring harnesses.

Your Clean Burn distributor is a qualified expert in system selection, installation, and service, and will make sure you get the system that is perfect for your facility.

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Clean Burn Recycling Center Features

Not only does the Clean Burn Recycling Center offer a convenient way to harvest your reusable heating oil on site; it works directly with your heating system for uninterrupted operation.

  • Designed from the ground up as a complete, self-contained heating and recycling system for used waste oils, including crankcase, ATF, and hydraulic oils
  • Accommodates most Clean Burn furnaces
  • UL listed 250 gallon workbench tank
  • Simplifies furnace installation
  • Optional funnel kit and filter drain rack kit

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