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Used-Oil Boilers

Only Clean Burn offers three sizes of used-oil coil tube boilers, each UL listed for use in central heating systems. These can be used in combination to create a boiler system perfectly sized for any facility. As the industry gold standard for robust construction, reliability, and long service life, Clean Burn provides a greater return on investment than any other equipment of its kind. And Clean Burn distributors provide unrivaled service and support.

Choosing a Used-Oil Boiler for Your Business

CB-200-CTB, CB-350-CTB, and CB-500-CTB Clean Burn offers the industry’s only coil tube boilers engineered from the ground up to burn used oils. They efficiently recycle used oils as a free fuel source to generate hot water, and are remarkably versatile for a wide range of applications, such as car wash facilities, baseboard heating, space heating, in-floor heating, and ice melt applications.

Easy Maintenance

With Clean Burn Coil Tube Boilers, you spend 30 minutes cleaning every 1,000 hours of operation. With competitive units, you spend two hours cleaning every 400 hours of operation.

Patented Burner Technology

The Clean Burn burner swings out for easy cleaning, maintenance, and service. An exclusive heater block, atomizer, and combustion mechanism make Clean Burn unmatched for reliability, performance, and long service life.

Ready to Install

Clean Burn Coil Tube Boilers arrive ready to be installed. They meet all national fire and safety codes, and they are UL listed for use in central heating systems.


Clean Burn Products Installed by Sandri

Sandri offers unparalleled customer service and after-sale support to ensure that your unit is always in working order. We are a leading distributor of Clean Burn products and have been providing efficient energy solutions to the Northeast for more than 80 years. Please contact us for more information regarding purchase of a Clean Burn used-oil boiler in Massachusetts, Vermont, or New Hampshire.

Used-Oil Boiler Applications

Clean Burn used-oil boiler systems are so versatile that they are used for a wide range of applications, from heating water in a car wash to in-floor heating systems and more.

Make the Switch to Clean Burn

If you have any questions about implementing a Clean Burn used-oil boiler in Western Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, or Vermont, contact us here or call (800) 882-4511, ext. 194.

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CB-200-CTB, CB-350-CTB, AND CB-500-CTB Coil Tube Boilers

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Creating the Perfect System for Your Property

Clean Burn Coil Tube Boilers are uniquely designed for installation flexibility. Each is engineered for use as a single boiler unit or as part of a combination of boilers working as a larger system.

  • Three-pass heat exchanger captures more heat for greater efficiency.
  • Low-mass water design provides quick startup and reduces stack heat loss.
  • Patented burner is engineered exclusively for used-oil combustion.
  • System is pre-plumbed, pre-wired, and ready for installation.
  • Narrow cabinet designs provide installation flexibility.

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