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Service & Warranty

When making a major investment for your business like installing a new HVAC system or upgrading your current equipment, you want to be sure the product you choose is of the highest quality. For your business’s heating needs, Clean Burn products offer quality craftsmanship and more.

Clean Technology Backed by Sandri

We at Sandri are more than proud to partner with the manufacturers of Clean Burn heating equipment, and we stand by the efficiency, safety, and overall value of these products. That’s why we offer ongoing service and post-sale warranties on each piece of Clean Burn equipment you buy.

The Industry’s Best Used-Oil Heating System Warranty

The Sandri Distributorship warranty policy represents that of the manufacturer Clean Burn, Inc. Presently all Clean Burn furnaces have a 10-year full warranty on the Cabinet/Heat Exchanger and a one-year warranty (from date of installation) on the burner and parts. For warranty information on reconditioned burners, please call (800) 943-1904 .

Warranties on Older Clean Burn Equipment

Are you unsure if your current Clean Burn system is covered under any type of warranty? Please feel free to contact us directly to determine any warranty value your equipment may have left, as older model systems may have different warranties. For more information, call us today at (800) 943-1904, ext. 195.

Make the Switch to Clean Burn

If you have any questions about implementing a Clean Burn used-oil heater in Vermont, Massachusetts, or New Hampshire, contact us here or call (800) 943-1904, Ext. 195 or 188.

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