What Is Renewable Propane & Why Is It Environmentally Friendly?

If you live in New England and rely on propane gas to power your heating equipment and other appliances, then this blog is for you! The team at Sandri Energy is excited that we are beginning to deliver renewable propane. Why is this so exciting? Well, we care deeply for the environment, and renewable propane is an eco-friendly fuel option that comes with a wide variety of benefits for our communities and neighbors. To find out more about renewable propane and why it’s a smart choice for the environment, keep reading!

What Is Renewable Propane?

Renewable propane is an alternative fuel made from feedstocks such as natural fats, vegetable oils, and various types of grease—like the biodiesel component of Bioheat® fuel. It works the exact same way as conventional propane and can be used in your existing propane heating equipment or appliances with no expensive conversions. This means that renewable propane is better for the environment while providing you with the same safe and highly efficient power you’ve come to know and love.

What Are the Benefits of Renewable Propane?

There are many benefits that come with choosing renewable propane to heat your home and power your appliances here in New England. These include:

  • Decreased carbon emissions: Renewable propane repurposes materials that would otherwise be thrown away and has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than conventional propane. This combined with a reduction of greenhouse gas output from landfills means that renewable propane is a great choice to help protect our environment.
  • Financial support for local farmers: Another benefit of renewable propane is support for local farmers, who often struggle to compete with factory farms as property taxes increase. Selling their biowaste means they can gain a second form of income, which allows them some breathing room when it comes to paying their bills.
  • Reduction of municipal solid waste: Since renewable propane is made from feedstocks that would otherwise be discarded, production of renewable propane helps to decrease landfill pollution. This may significantly minimize methane emissions, helping to protect the atmosphere and local water sources.
  • Supporting a circular economy: Repurposing used agricultural and cooking materials into renewable propane is a regenerative manufacturing process, which will continue to stimulate the American economy.
  • Protecting human health & well-being: Renewable propane creates zero particulate matter, helping to preserve our atmosphere and reducing the amount of pollution in the air we breathe. This could help reduce our risk of developing lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses associated with high-pollution environments.

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We at Sandri Energy are proud to offer renewable propane—a cleaner, greener fuel option—to our friends and neighbors here in New England. If you want to learn more about renewable propane, become a Sandri Energy customer today so that you don’t miss out on the latest news and updates regarding renewable propane. Already a Sandri customer? Make sure to follow us on social media and keep an eye out for news about renewable propane!