What to Do If You Lose Heat in New England

If your furnace or boiler heating system stops working for whatever reason, there’s no need to panic. There are a variety of checks you can perform for a possible quick fix of your equipment malfunction. Go through the checklist below and reach out to our team if you need further assistance—we are always here for our valued customers!

No-Heat Checklist for Homeowners in VT, NH & MA

Ensure that your thermostat settings are correct and the batteries are fresh

If your home has a programmable thermostat, make sure that it is set at the desired temperature with the correct seasonal setting. Check that the heating (or auto) function is on and that the cooling function was not turned on by mistake. The thermostat will also need to be set above the current temperature of the home.

Check that no breakers are tripped and emergency switches are on

Sometimes, electrical issues happen, and breakers turn off as a safeguard. Ensure that your furnace or boiler’s breaker is on, and reset it if necessary by turning it off and back on. Red emergency switches should also be on—these can most often be found at the top of your basement stairs and on your heating unit itself.

If you heat with oil or propane, verify that you have fuel

If you heat with oil or propane and schedule deliveries on an as-needed basis, check the gauge on your fuel storage tank to make sure it’s not empty. Factors such as having more people in your household than usual, a long cold spell, or an increase in the use of certain appliances (like your water heater or a gas fireplace) can cause you to go through your fuel supply more quickly. You should place a heating oil delivery at 1/4 capacity, propane delivery at 1/3, or simplify the process by signing up for automatic refills.

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Reduce Your Risk of a Future Heat-Out Emergency

Feeling cold air blow through your vents when you’re expecting heat can be a sinking feeling. Rather than putting yourself through the stress of no heat during winter’s chill, be proactive by signing up for automatic fuel delivery. It’s the singular, most effective factor when it comes to helping our customers’ homes stay cozy all season:

Enrolling for free means that we’ll monitor your heating fuel storage tank, delivering fuel automatically when it starts to run low. Consider it a complimentary way that we can help keep your property safe. Get in touch with our energy experts when you’re ready to sign up.

Heat Still Not Working? Contact Sandri

Sandri customers can always rely on around-the-clock emergency heating service. Simply give us a ring if you need us, because our energy experts are on call and ready to help our valued customers in the VT, MA, and NH area.