Warm Weather Benefits of Propane

Temperatures are finally starting to rise here in New England! Homeowners across the region are looking forward to longer days and all the fun that summer brings. Your heating fuel is probably the last thing on your mind. But did you know that propane is an energy source that you can count on during every season?Many customers in the Northeast use propane in some capacity. Whether you rely on propane to heat your home or power your appliances, there are plenty of ways this efficient fuel will come in handy this time of year.

Outdoor Entertaining

Grilling is a major part of summer in New England. There is nothing better than getting some extra sun in the backyard while you prepare dinner for the family! Gas BBQ grills are preferred among homeowners for their convenience and efficiency. Propane can also help make your outdoor living space extra comfortable, with patio heaters, fire pits, and pool heaters, too.

Year-Round Appliances

If you use propane to power your central heating system, it’s likely that you use it for other appliances like your clothes dryer, water heater, or kitchen stove. This equipment is essential to keep daily life running smoothly, no matter what the thermometer says. Choosing gas-fired appliances can help you save energy and money all year long.

Backup Power

Storm season in New England never really stops. During the warmer months, heavy wind and thunderstorms can still knock out the power. A propane standby generator is the best way to protect your home from an outage. Your propane generator can easily be connected to your existing propane supply by a licensed professional.

Off-Season Prices

When spring arrives, the price of propane often drops.  Propane prices are typically lower in the summer due to a lower demand. Whether you use propane for home heating or extra appliances, you could save big by ordering propane in advance, before prices start to rise when it gets cold again.

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