How to Find the Best Wood Pellets for Your New England Home

When it comes to heating in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or Vermont, many homeowners choose wood pellets for the eco-friendliness, warmth, and security they offer. But contrary to popular belief, all wood pellets are not created equally. Sandri takes pride in exceeding your expectations—that’s why we only deliver Warm Front wood pellets to our customers’ homes. Keep reading this blog post to learn why Sandri Energy’s Warm Front wood pellet delivery is a step above the rest when it comes to heating quality and energy efficiency!

Maximum Efficiency from an Optimal Wood Blend

With a burn rate of 90% or higher efficiency with each bag, Warm Front premium wood pellets produce superior heat through maximized British Thermal Units, or BTUs. Warm Front pellets combine oak, maple, beech, birch, cherry, white pine, and hemlock trees for a blend of 85% hardwood and 10% softwood. In addition, no glue or additives (“filler”) are ever incorporated, because we want to provide the highest-quality materials for your home. That translates to more affordable heating for you.

Eco-Friendliness You Can Feel Good About

Wood pellets are one of the cleanest renewable energy sources on the market today. Burning Warm Front wood pellets produces roughly the same amount of carbon dioxide emissions as wood does when it decays naturally. These low carbon emissions, along with Warm Front’s famously low ash output, result in a clean and Earth-friendly source of energy.

You have several options to recycle the plastic bags that contain your wood pellets. Earth911 is a third-party organization that has designed a website for consumers to find the nearest location where your bags can be recycled. In addition to the Earth911 site, you can also bring your pellet bags to your local grocery store and see if they have a bin for returning plastic grocery bags, which are made of the same plastic blend. To avoid plastic bags altogether, you can opt for Sandri’s bulk delivery of loose pellets—you may even find this option more cost-effective.

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Support for Local Economy & Workers

When you buy Warm Front premium wood pellets from Sandri Energy, you’re supporting your local economy and neighbors that work in the heating industry. Unlike many of the wood pellet brands on the market, Sandri’s Warm Front pellets come from authentic Northeast USA sources including local mills and manufacturers. When you order delivery from the Sandri team, you’re also supporting your neighborhood energy company and local employees rather than a big-box store that imports products from far and wide.

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Ready to Place Your Wood Pellet Order?

Sandri Energy is always available to deliver your eco-friendly wood pellets. Order your fuel by the ton (bulk delivery) or by the bag, and we’ll deliver them to your home for a low flat fee. After all, we’re the industry’s largest bulk wood pellet delivery fleet! We own and operate every delivery vehicle, so you can know that your wood pellet delivery will be up to the standard you’ve come to know and expect from Sandri.