Benefits of Propane Gas Delivery from Sandri Energy

Fall is here, and that means colorful leaves, jackets, and hats, and of course, seasonal activities like apple picking and trick-or-treating. And there’s no forgetting about the cold temperatures that are surely on their way! How are you keeping your home warm this winter? If you choose Sandri Energy for your propane delivery, you are already accustomed to convenient comfort thanks to reliable home delivery, affordable pricing, and helpful customer service. If you aren’t a Sandri propane customer yet, we have compiled a collection of reasons you should consider joining us for your gas delivery.

Top Reasons to Consider Propane in New England

Propane is a versatile fuel that powers more than just your heater.

You probably know that propane gas is a reliable and strong source of power that can keep any New England property safe and warm—but the benefits don’t stop there. Propane is a versatile fuel that can also be used for gas grills, cozy fireplaces, water heaters, hot tubs, generators, patio space warmers, and more. As you can see, it’s both an indoor fuel capable of keeping your family comfortable and an outdoor fuel that can turn even the coldest New England patio from a tundra to a sauna.

Propane provides environmental benefits that help keep New England clean.

Propane provides a whole host of environmental benefits. First of all, it’s not mined or drilled like other fuels. It’s a by-product of natural gas production, meaning no extra work is required to produce it. Second, it prevents deforestation by replacing solid fuels like wood and coal. Third, storage containers for propane last between 30 and 40 years, are made from recycled steel, and are completely recyclable after the end of their usable lifespan.

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Request Automatic Propane Delivery for Ultimate Home Comfort

If you’d like to increase your home comfort even more, join the automatic propane delivery program from Sandri Energy. We will track daily outdoor temperatures and regular fuel usage alongside factors like personal heating preference and house size to accurately estimate when your tank needs a top-off. You can skip the stress of manually ordering fuel and arranging your busy schedule around delivery dates, knowing that your fuel supply is in good hands.

You can count on our service team to deliver your propane when you need it. Contact us to learn more about propane gas, signing up for automatic delivery, and multi-fuel savings.