What to Look for in a Fuel Delivery Company in New England

Residents of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont know how frigid winters can get—that’s why you want a reliable fuel delivery company on call, especially during the chilliest months of the year. But how do you find that holy grail delivery company you’ve been dreaming of? The one that offers a variety of heating fuels, shows up on time for deliveries, and provides cost-effective HVAC service to boot? We’re here with some tips on how to find the perfect fuel delivery company to keep your New England property safe and warm.

Double Check Service Area Compatibility

The company’s fuel and HVAC service area is crucial to a successful business relationship. Look for an online service area town list and ensure that your home is within the company’s range for fuel and HVAC service. For example, we at Sandri are based in Greenfield, Massachusetts, and have more than enough employee capacity to serve NH, MA, and VT.

Decide Which Other Fuels & Services You Want

Is your household a multi-fuel property? While some companies only deliver heating oil, others also deliver propane gas, kerosene, wood pellets, and more. Why stick with a single-fuel company when you can enjoy a one-stop shop with a full-service energy provider like Sandri? Whatever fuels you need, we’re sure to always keep them on hand. That way, we can provide your home or business with the very best service around.

Take a Look at Their Social Media & Reviews

It can be hard to get a true feel for a company until you hear what their customers have to say. Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as customer testimonials. Does the clientele seem generally pleased with the services they have received? Does the company engage with customers on social media, offering helpful tips, discounts, and information? If so, chances are they go above and beyond for customers in every aspect of their business.

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Sandri Would Love to Serve You

If you live in New England and heat your home with oil, propane, kerosene, or wood pellets, we’re the best full-service heating fuel and energy provider for you. Contact Sandri, and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions, give you a no-obligation quote on your service of choice, and welcome you into our family of happy customers.