4 Reasons to Book Your Heating Tune-Up Early

Do you ever make extravagant plans for the summer, only to find that fall arrives before you know it? Summers in New England are short. That’s why it’s important to prioritize your summer to-do list while you still have time. Whether that means heading out for a day at the beach or completing some late-summer chores, we’re here to remind you to add “schedule my heating system tune-up” to the list!

Why Schedule a Heating Tune-Up Now?

Many local homeowners don’t start thinking about their heating equipment until the leaves start to change, but there’s a better way to manage your home comfort. Summer is actually the best time of the year to schedule your furnace or boiler tune-up! Here are our top four reasons why:

Highest Possible Fuel Efficiency

It’s common knowledge that furnaces and boilers should have annual preventative maintenance but scheduling your heater’s preventative maintenance during the summer will allow you to maximize your home fuel efficiency. This results in longer-lasting fuel and fewer tank fills needed each year.

Time to Schedule & Budget for Repairs

Another benefit of booking your heating tune-up early is more time to remediate any issues that pop up. If your preventative maintenance reveals a problem that requires repair or replacement of your heating equipment, you’ll have plenty of time to adjust your home comfort budget and schedule to accommodate the repair before the first snowfall.

Elevated Home Comfort & Security

There’s no need to stress out about whether or not your furnace or boiler will “pass inspection” in time to keep your home safe and warm over the winter. With an August or September heating tune-up, you can greatly increase the likelihood that your heater will work when you need it to.

Increased Appointment Scheduling Availability

Scheduling now will help you beat the rush and get a boiler or furnace tune-up that works well with your existing plans and commitments. If you haven’t reserved a time before the fall, you may not get a convenient appointment before the weather gets cold.

Schedule Your Heater’s Tune-Up Early

What are you waiting for? Schedule your heating system’s tune-up now, then request a heating fuel delivery of oil or propane gas. You’ll be amazed at the efficiency boost you get when your system is serviced annually, helping your home comfort dollars go further and your New England home fuel delivery last longer.