3 Reasons to Go Green with a Pellet Stove

Going green isn’t only trendy right now—it’s also the right and best thing to do for the environment, your wallet, and your health. You might be wondering what your options are to live eco-friendlier. At Sandri, we’re proud to offer renewable energy sources for your home-heating needs. One way to make your New England home more environmentally friendly is to consider using a pellet stove. A pellet stove is similar to a wood-burning stove, but it instead burns pellets, a renewable energy source. Pellets are compressed pieces of wood and its by-products such as sawdust, chipping, paper, and bark, and they burn at high temperatures. Keep reading to learn why this effective energy choice would make a great addition to your home!

wood pellet heating

Top Reasons to Install a Pellet Stove in New England:

Pellet Stoves Burn Cleanly

Because the pellets are compressed and manufactured to be very dense, they burn hotly and cleanly, producing less waste, soot, and ash, and compared to wood-burning stoves and their other oil or gas-fired counterparts, they produce less creosote. This keeps smoke and waste to a minimum.

Pellet Stoves Are Highly Efficient

Pellet stoves approved by the Environmental Protection Agency are designed to be up to 83% efficient, a sizeable increase over traditional wood-burning fireplaces. This is also a higher efficiency than their gas or electric counterparts.

Pellet Stoves Are Environmentally Friendly

We’ve already established that these stoves burn cleanly. Additionally, the pellets the stoves use for fuel also come from renewable resources, making them a much eco-friendlier choice than nonrenewable energy sources like gas or oil. Pellet stoves burn wood byproducts that would have otherwise been considered waste.

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Go Green Today with Sandri Energy

If you think a pellet-burning stove sounds like a great option for your home heating needs, look no further! At Sandri, we have everything you need to get set up, from a selection of high-efficiency pellet-burning stoves to the pellets themselves. Make your home more environmentally friendly today, and contact Sandri to see what you need to do to get a pellet stove for your home.