7 Top Benefits of a Ductless Mini-Split A/C

We’re currently in the transitional season here in New England, where one day is hot and the next day is chilly. Rather than fully committing to summer by lugging the window A/C units out of storage and leaving your windows open to accommodate them for the next four months, consider the installation of a high-efficiency ductless mini-split air conditioner. These versatile units offer cool and hot air, convenience, and affordability when it comes to zoned temperature control in your home or business.

Exactly what is a ductless mini-split A/C system?

Energy-efficient ductless mini-split cooling systems are composed of an outdoor unit and one or more indoor units. These systems work together to cool your entire home or selected rooms efficiently. Unlike the eyesore of window A/C units, mini-splits are small, sleek systems that are affixed to any wall you choose. Forget the hassle of your old air conditioning units and avoid renovation costs associated with adding ducted central air.

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What are the top benefits of a mini-split A/C system?

  1. Optional zoned cooling saves you money and electricity
  2. Improved indoor air quality
  3. Greater system efficiency and equipment lifespan
  4. No ductwork required—installation is quick and simple
  5. Enjoy both cooling and heating capabilities
  6. Sleek, unobtrusive design and whisper-quiet operation
  7. Remote-controlled cooling provides instant comfort

Which type of mini-split air conditioning system should I invest in?

Sandri Energy proudly supplies and installs Mitsubishi and Daikin mini-split systems. These units offer superior performance, efficiency, and comfort to match your family’s lifestyle. Boasting energy savings and a lower environmental impact, the technology of these brands offer the best all-around value for our customers.

Invest in Your Home Comfort with Sandri Energy

Make the most out of your spring and summer this year by installing an efficient ductless A/C system. If you’d like to learn more about the systems we install or schedule your installation today, you can contact us easily online or by phone. Sandri Energy is committed to your comprehensive home comfort needs, including fuel delivery, heating and cooling installations, HVAC repairs and maintenance, and much more. We look forward to speaking with you.