Top Uses for Wood Pellets in New England

If you don’t use wood pellets for your New England home, you’re probably wondering what they are used for. Wood pellets are a versatile source for generating energy and heat that are eco friendly because they produce little pollution. They have a high heat value and high purity. Wood pellets are small, manufactured wooden chips. They are typically 6mm in diameter and about 15mm long. They are manufactured from sawdust that goes through drying, heating, and compressing. Wood pellets are most often used for generating energy, producing heat, and powering industrial boilers.

Top 3 Ways to Use Wood Pellets:

Pizza Ovens, Firepits, and Patio Heaters

One of the top uses of wood pellets is for backyard cooking and heating. Using wood pellets is comparable to using wood. Because they are made from raw materials, they are a perfect alternative heat-generating source for cooking. Wood pellets generate a lot of heat, but they do not create a lot of ash you have to clean up. You can use wood pellets for pizza ovens, firepits, and patio heaters for easy-to-clean, non-messy fun.

Furnaces and Stoves

You can also use wood pellets in your furnace and stove in your home. Because wood pellets generate so much heat, they are great for cooking indoors and keeping warm during the long, cold winter. Wood pellets are extremely convenient for home use since they are easily transported, stored, and used.

Industrial Boilers

Wood pellets make a great alternative fuel source compared to natural gas and coal. Wood pellets don’t contain a lot of nitrogen, and they are carbon neutral. They are often used for industrial boilers as an alternative to more traditional and more expensive fuel sources.

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Wood pellets are an excellent alternative source for heat and energy and can be used for many things. Sandri Energy provides bagged wood pellets and bulk wood pellets for customers. We have a fleet completely dedicated to delivering wood pellets to Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire. All vehicles haul premium pellet fuel only, and we never use subcontracted grain haulers. You’re always guaranteed the quality wood pellet products and services you know and trust from Sandri. If you’re ready to try wood pellets or if you have any questions about their uses, contact us and we’d be happy to talk to you.