Sandri Celebrates 90 Years in Business

2021 is a big year for all of us, and here at Sandri it’s particularly special because we are celebrating our 90th year in business. Over the past nine decades, we have delivered countless gallons of fuel, serviced thousands of heating systems, employed hundreds of local community members, and continued to do what we do best: keep our customers safe and warm. We wouldn’t be here without our loyal customer community. Thank you for your continued support.

Sandri Beginnings

The history of the Sandri Companies is an American success story, where two men used their intelligence, work ethic, and savvy to build a successful family business. It all started when Sandri was founded by Acilio Remo Sandri, also known as A.R. Sandri, when he accepted the lease on a gasoline station in 1930 at 155 Main Street in Greenfield. By 1969 the business had grown exponentially, with nearly 50 service stations, 2,200 heating oil customers, and 230 commercial accounts. His son William A. Sandri, also known as W.A. Sandri, joined the family business that year.

Sandri along the Way

The years that followed included expanding gas stations to Vermont and Southern New Hampshire, serving more and more customers with fuel and HVAC services, acquiring golf courses like Crumpin-Fox Club, and extensive community and philanthropy work. A.R. Sandri passed away at the age of 99, leaving behind an amazing legacy. W.A. Sandri continued the family tradition of business development and charitable contributions up until his passing in 2012. In 2005, Sandri welcomed W.A.’s son-in-law Timothy Van Epps to the family business where he serves as the CEO and chairman of the board to this day.

Along with the multiple generations of Sandri family members who have led the Sandri Companies, multiple generations of local employees and customers have been part of our journey over the past 90 years. What started as a single service station operation in Greenfield has grown to a full-service residential and commercial energy company, serving a wide range of fuel and HVAC needs for customers across Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

Sandri Today

Today, Sandri is proud to uphold the values of our humble beginnings by maintaining the highest level of customer service while we continue to evolve to meet our customers’ changing needs:
Residential Services

Commercial Services

Renewable Energy Solutions

Sandri Service Stations

Cheers to 90 Years!

Thank you to all of our employees, customers, friends, and family who have made our 90 years in business simply unforgettable. We are so grateful to continue to serve our communities and look forward to doing so for decades to come. If you’re new to Sandri, see what difference 90 years of experience makes by becoming a customer today.