How to Check Your Fuel Oil or Propane Storage Tank Gauge

New England experiences all four seasons in full swing, and winter is no exception. If you’re an oil or propane user in New Hampshire, Vermont, or Massachusetts, you’re going to need to know how to read your fuel storage tank’s fill gauge. Follow the simple steps in this guide to learn how and when to check your fuel storage container’s remaining fuel level. Be sure to read to the end, because we’ll let you in on a little industry secret about how you can simplify your fuel monitoring and ordering schedule.

How to Determine Your Propane or Oil Tank’s Remaining Fuel Level in New England

Are you familiar with your oil or propane tank and how to determine when you need a heating fuel delivery refill? No matter what type of fuel you use, checking fuel tank levels a simple task that you can easily monitor. Here are some steps to follow when keeping an eye on your oil or propane tank level:

  1. Take a trip to your fuel tank. Most oil tanks are in the basement of the home, while most propane tanks are outside.
  2. For propane containers, lift the protective lid and view the percentage available. Typically, you want to reorder by the time you get to 30%. This gives our trusted delivery team time to get you on the schedule.
  3. For fuel oil storage tanks, check the small round gauge on top of the tank. You typically want to reorder by the time the bottom of the marker reaches 1/4.

How Often to Check Your Fuel Oil or Propane Tank Storage Levels

How quickly you use fuel depends on a variety of factors including home size, tank size, number of appliances, efficiency, temperatures, and home heating preferences. That being said, it’s a good idea to check your fuel levels routinely so that it becomes a habit. You can even use technology to help you remember, like setting a weekly alarm on your smartphone or computer.

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Sandri’s Top Secret to Simplifying Your Fuel Ordering

Are you ready to hear the secret we mentioned earlier? Here it is! The best possible way to decrease your chance of a propane or fuel oil runout is by signing up for our no-cost automatic fuel delivery program. This takes out the human error that anyone can make when monitoring their own fuel tank levels, and allows our experts to manage your fuel levels. When your tank starts to get low, we’ll make a delivery—no questions asked. Contact us if you’d like to enroll in this free service today.