Clean Burn 101: Learn the Details from Your Local Experts at Sandri

If you’re a business owner in Massachusetts, Vermont, or New Hampshire, you may have heard about Clean Burn—but do you know what it’s all about? Clean Burn is an eco-friendly heating solution that uses new technology to lower your energy costs, increasing your bottom line. The Clean Burn equipment is specifically designed to recycle used oil for your commercial heating usage. That’s right—these furnaces and boilers can turn used oil into satisfying hot air, hot water, and even radiant floor heating.

How Does Clean Burn Technology Help?

Clean Burn is an excellent option for your company and your community. The technology, which recycles used oil, provides real heat through an exchanger that is recognized as the #1 model of its kind for the past three decades. This means the technology will help the environment by producing less waste and fewer emissions, and it will help your business by significantly reducing your fuel oil bills each year.

What Clean Burn Products Does Sandri Offer?

We provide installations of used-oil furnaces, used-oil boilers, and even used-oil recycling centers to properties in Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire. You can even take advantage of 0% financing for 12 months! If you’d like to learn how Sandri can personally help your business get started with a Clean Burn system, click here to request more information.

What’s Our Clean Burn Service Area in New England?

We provide Clean Burn service to businesses in hundreds of towns in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts. Click here to view our Clean Burn Service Area page and see if your town is within our expansive service range.

How Can I Take Advantage of Clean Burn Technology?

You can reduce (or even eliminate) your company’s heating costs, haulage fees, and potential liability. Plus, you get the added benefit of doing your part to help save and preserve our environment for future generations—something your customers are sure to notice and appreciate. If you’d like to get started in making the switch to Clean Burn today, get in touch with Sandri!