Find Out the #1 Fall To-Do for New England Homeowners

September is here in New England, and we at Sandri Energy are already starting to see signs of changing leaves, brisker temperatures, and pumpkin spice coffee and treats. With fall right around the corner, some important items that should be on your to-do list—but one ranks above all the rest when it comes to comfort and safety: scheduling your heating system’s annual tune-up. Click here to schedule your heating tune-up with Sandri’s team of expert technicians today!

What Are the Benefits of a Heating Tune-Up?

We’re glad you asked! A yearly furnace or boiler tune-up will provide your NH, MA, or VT home and family with a variety of money-saving perks. Here are a few of our favorites:

Shrink annual energy costs
Regular maintenance from local energy and HVAC professionals like Sandri will help your heating system burn fuel as efficiently as possible. Properly maintained heating equipment will deliver a greater heat output with the same amount of fuel, helping you save money even during the chilliest months.

Reduce the risk of a heating emergency
Our techs are trained to accurately diagnose, repair, and perform preventative heating maintenance to help avoid future service calls. One annual visit from an HVAC professional can significantly reduce the likelihood of breakdowns.

Get better indoor air quality
Indoor air quality is more important now than ever. Did you know that an annual heating system tune-up can improve the well-being of your family? The filter cleaning and replacement in your tune-up will reduce the number of airborne allergens and pollutants that can cause respiratory irritation.

Does a Tune-Up Guarantee Coverage for Other Malfunctions?

Good question—while a heating tune-up in itself reduces your risk of malfunctions throughout the year, it doesn’t cover any necessary repairs that need to be made after the fact. But there is a way you can gain comprehensive coverage for your heating system for only a few dollars more. Sandri offers a variety of service plans to our customers that can extend your coverage throughout the entire year. Click here to view our service plans, and give us a call if you’d like a personalized recommendation. We look forward to providing your home and family with unmatched home comfort service this year!