Common Plumbing Problems You Shouldn’t Try to Solve Yourself

Everyone’s spending more time at their New England home these days, which has launched myriad home improvement projects in our area. While there are certainly a large variety of home improvement projects that you can DIY (think painting, building, flooring, etc.), there is one home comfort category we urge you not to take on yourself—your home’s plumbing system.

Although homeowners with some experience in the plumbing realm may feel qualified to solve issues or take on remodeling jobs on their own, plumbing systems are touchy and have the potential to cause many more issues than you’re currently dealing with. If you’re considering a remodel, repair, or replacement of your current plumbing system, please get in touch with the experts at Sandri. We’re highly trained in local and national plumbing regulations, best practice guidelines, and all types of plumbing equipment. Best of all, we provide contactless plumbing service with CDC guidelines and personal protective equipment to keep your family safe.

Here are a few common plumbing problems that we see homeowners trying to DIY—when contacting us will save you more money and hassle in the long run.

Replacing or Repairing Piping

Many homeowners try to tackle piping issues, but these plumbing repairs can be trickier than they appear on the surface. Patching leaks can be ineffective and lead to even more problems down the line. If you need a pipe repair or replacement, get in touch with the experts at Sandri.

Establishing Water Connections

If you have a new or replacement appliance that you need hooked up to your water supply, reach out to our team! Trying to establish water connections yourself can result in water backup, leakage, or bursting, which may cost more than having a local expert establish the connection in a scheduled plumber appointment.

Fixing Sewage Clogs and Plumbing Leaks

Sewage repairs aren’t something you want to try to DIY. After all, sewage is like playing with fire, just a lot smellier. Sewage backups can cause irreversible damage, gross repercussions, and even health risks for your family. Contact us and we’ll get our hands dirty to help you with your drainage needs.

Ready to schedule your plumbing repair, water heater assistance, or other service with local experts? Contact Sandri today to book your appointment!