Why Use Wood Pellets to Heat Your Home in New England

We’re starting to see familiar signs of spring here in New England. Longer days and warmer weather mean yardwork, home improvement projects, and enjoying the outdoors with your loved ones. We don’t blame you if home heating is the last thing on your mind! But, don’t write it off until fall just yet. If you use wood pellets in your home, now is the time to stock up! Residents in NH, VT, and MA use wood pellets because they are eco-friendly, sustainable, and affordable. Read on to learn more about the top benefits of wood pellet heating.

Top 5 Benefits of Wood Pellet Heating

1. Wood pellets are environmentally friendly.

Looking for a way to keep your home comfortable and do your part for the planet? Wood pellets are one of the most environmentally friendly heating options for homeowners in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Wood pellet heat releases about the same amount of CO2 that wood releases during its natural decaying process. Along with a low carbon emission rate, wood pellets produce a low ash output, too.

2. Wood pellets are affordable.

When you live in the Northeast, cost is a major factor when choosing a heating fuel. The good news is that wood pellets are very cost-effective! Wood pellets from Sandri are available by the bag or in bulk delivery. Right now, Sandri is hosting a spring wood pellet sale, and we have just premiered our wood pellet prepay plan! You can take advantage of sale prices and pay for your wood pellets in advance.

3. Wood pellets are efficient.

Wood pellets provide a similar heat output to other traditional heating fuels. And, just like other energy options, pellets can be used in central heating wood pellet furnaces or boilers to heat your entire home efficiently. Equipment is designed for the utmost safety and to burn wood pellets extremely efficiently. You can also use wood pellets in high-efficiency wood pellet stoves.

4. Wood pellets are convenient.

You can get your wood pellets delivered right to your home, just like other heating fuels. All you have to do is contact Sandri, and you’ll receive the same high level of service and dependable delivery as our other heating fuel customers.

5. Wood pellets are locally made.

Sandri is pleased to deliver Warm Front Premium wood pellets. These wood pellets are made locally in the Northeast without any glue or additives. They are sustainably sourced and are a hardwood blend of 100% all-natural wood.

New Wood Pellet Prepay Plans Available for 2020!

Lock in your rate for the next heating season! Take advantage of wood pellet sale prices and Sandri’s prepay plan. You can purchase your wood pellets in advance at low rates. No need to worry about changing prices! Contact Sandri today to learn more and purchase your wood pellets at our exclusive prepay price.