Fuel Delivery and HVAC Service in New England You Can Count On

Winter is in full swing here in the Northeast, and keeping your home comfortable at an affordable price is definitely a priority. What is the best way to achieve easy home comfort and affordable energy bills? Choose a local, full-service energy company that has what it takes to deliver fuel, maintain your heating equipment, and solve any other home-related issue you might have. Working with a full-service energy company like Sandri Energy is invaluable during the winter months—and all year long!

Benefits of Full-Service Fuel Delivery and Energy Services

Unbeatable Customer Care

It’s in the name: full-service energy providers are all about service. Here at Sandri Energy, we are proud to employ team members that are committed to serving the communities they live and work in. When you call or email us for information, you receive quick and helpful responses from real people with real solutions for you.

Greater Capacity, Professional Service

Because full-service energy providers offer a wider range of services, they are able to meet a greater capacity for their customer base. Sandri Energy employs a team of fuel delivery drivers that work tirelessly during the winter months to deliver heating oil, propane gas, kerosene, and wood pellets safely and on schedule to customers across Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Our service department is made up of many talented HVAC professionals that work together to meet the HVAC and plumbing needs across our service areas.

All the HVAC Services You Need under One Roof

It’s not every fuel delivery company that offers dependable HVAC service—or even HVAC service at all. When you do business with a full-service energy provider, you have access to a one-stop shop for your complete home comfort needs. Sandri Energy offers all of the following, while keeping prices competitive.

New England’s Leading Local Energy Company

Simplify your life this and every winter as a Sandri customer! Schedule HVAC service, request a heating or A/C installation quote, or contact us for anything else you might need on our website or by phone at (800) 628-1900.