Things to Think about When Shopping for a New Boiler or Furnace

It’s getting cold! And it’s only going to get colder. Is your heating equipment up for the challenge of another winter in the Northeast? If you live in Vermont, Massachusetts, or New Hampshire and are thinking about investing in a new heating system, now is the time to weigh your options. You will want to get your new equipment installed before the dead of winter.

Use this helpful guide to find out what you should think about when upgrading to a new boiler or furnace.

How Old Is Your Heating System?

How old is your boiler or furnace? Is it performing as well as it used to? Just like your car, your heating system will begin to decline as it ages. Order heating equipment becomes less efficient and eventually will require more expensive repairs. If your heating system is 15 years or older, you could save up to 30% on annual heating fuel bills by upgrading to a new high-efficiency model.

What Fuel Type Are You Using?

Boilers and furnaces are the two types of central heating systems that heat most homes in New England. They can be powered by heating oil, propane gas, kerosene, and even wood pellets. If you are looking to upgrade, you can either invest in a new heating system that uses your existing fuel type, or work with your local energy provider to convert to a different heating fuel of your choice.

Which Type of Equipment Should You Choose?

Boilers? Furnaces? What’s the difference? Before you get overwhelmed, it’s pretty simple to tell the two apart. Boilers heat up hot water that is transferred through pipes in your home, putting out heat through radiant systems like baseboard heaters. Furnaces distribute hot air through a building’s duct system. Check with your energy provider to see what type of system you already have and what would make sense for your new installation.

Do You Qualify for Rebates?

Upgrading to a new heating system is an investment that can feel intimidating. The good news is that a new high-efficiency boiler or furnace will deliver long-term savings, and you can take advantage of immediate savings. Find out if you qualify for national, state, or dealer-specific rebates on new heating equipment. Ask your energy company if they know of any rebate opportunities.

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