FAQs about Wood Pellets in New England

Have you heard? Wood pellets are a sustainable, eco-friendly heating fuel that homeowners and business owners in New England are using to stay warm through the seasons. Wondering why more and more consumers are using wood pellets to heat their homes and businesses in Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire?

Learn the ins and outs of wood pellet heating right here.


Wood Pellets 101


Q: What are wood pellets?

A: Wood pellets are a sustainable energy source made from wood fibers (like sawdust) that are a by-product of the lumber industry. The wood pellets that Sandri delivers are made up of a combination of hardwood and softwood species native to the Northeast region.

Q: How are wood pellets made?

A: Scraps of raw wood materials are brought to pellet mills, where they are processed into uniform wood pellets that burn consistently to deliver even heating to your New England home or business.

Q: Where do wood pellets come from?

A: Sandri is pleased to deliver Warm Front wood pellets. They are produced right here in the Northeast.

Q: What types of heating equipment can run on wood pellets?

A: Wood pellets are a versatile green fuel option that can be used to power a variety of home heating equipment, including wood pellet boilers, wood pellet furnaces, and wood pellet stoves.

Q: Can I get wood pellets delivered to my home?

A: Yes! Using wood pellets for home heating can be just as convenient as other traditional fuel options. You can get premium wood pellets delivered right to your door. All you have to do is contact Sandri to place your order! We deliver wood pellets to homes and businesses in Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

Q: Are wood pellets expensive?

A: Wood pellets are an affordable heating option for customers in New England. They are available in both bagged or bulk delivery, and prices vary based on quantity and delivery location. Wood pellet heating systems are highly efficient and are designed with the latest technology to make your pellet supply last. Plus, Sandri is happy to offer wood pellet sales. Click here for current wood pellet prices!

Get local delivery of sustainable wood pellets from a family-owned company that you can trust. Contact Sandri to order your wood pellets today! Have more questions? We’re happy to answer any more that you may have! Give us a call at (800) 628-1900.