Bulk Propane Storage: What It Is and Why It Matters

Do you use propane to heat your home or power your appliances in New England? Choose a local propane provider that has what it takes to meet your energy needs, while still providing personalized service. One of the major factors that helps Sandri Energy do just that for our customers is our new bulk propane storage facility. In 2018, we were pleased to open this new facility to meet the needs of our growing customer community while upholding the same high standards of customer service that you know and trust.

So, what exactly is a bulk storage facility? To put it simply, we now have a place to store our propane locally instead of transporting your propane from our wholesale provider. This new bulk propane storage facility offers many positive benefits for our customers, like…

Advantages of Choosing a Propane Company with Bulk Propane Storage


    • Abundant Supply
      First and foremost, the bulk plant storage facility allows us to keep more propane at the ready. Instead of fueling up for deliveries miles away, our team fills our delivery trucks right at our own location.


    • Auto Delivery Options
      Thanks to a greater capacity for propane storage, Sandri has the ability to offer automatic delivery to our propane customers. Automatic delivery provides the ultimate convenience. We monitor your propane levels for you and make deliveries as needed, so that you don’t have to worry about placing orders yourself.



  • Local Deliveries, Local Service
    Bulk plant storage might sound like something only a large, anonymous energy provider would have. But don’t worry, Sandri remains your local New England full-service energy company that is committed to professional service and friendly customer care. This new facility simply helps us expand on our promise to provide the best service possible for our community.


Have questions? Feel free to reach out! If you’d like to schedule a propane delivery or sign up for propane price protection, contact us here.