Heating Fuel Price Protection Plans FAQs

Spring is officially here! As temperatures start to rise, heating fuel is probably the last thing on your mind. Don’t forget about it just yet! There’s one important thing you need to add to your spring checklist: signing up for price protection. Sandri’s price protection plans deliver 100% predictable heating oil or propane rates through the next fall and winter.

Check out common questions from New England homeowners to find out which price protection plan is best for you:

Q: When do pricing programs start?

A: Price protection plan options are open for enrollment beginning in April. Once you sign up, your plan of choice will begin.

Q: Are pricing programs available for both heating oil and propane?

A: Yes. Customers who use either heating oil or propane can sign up for a price protection plan. Downside protection is only available for heating oil.

Q: How can I tell which program is right for me?

A: Each household has unique spending goals, which is why there are several price protection plans for you to choose from. Get the details on each to start narrowing down your decision:

  • Sandri Prepay

One and done! Buy your heating oil or propane in bulk now to take advantage of our special Prepay price. With this plan, you pay in advance for a set number of gallons so you don’t have to worry about rising prices or making monthly payments.

  • Sandri Prepay with Downside Protection

Get the same benefits as the Prepay Program with the added bonus of protection if the market price of heating oil falls. For a small fee, you pay the lower of either your Prepay price or the daily posted price.

  • Sandri Budget Plan

You pay for routine essentials, like your car, your cell phone, and your insurance in monthly installments — why not your heating fuel? With this program, you pay for heating oil or propane in even, monthly payments.

  • Sandri Budget Plan with Downside Protection

This program offers the same perks as the Budget Plan, except it also protects you if the market price of heating oil falls. For a small fee, you pay the lower of either your locked-in price or the daily posted price.

Q: If I choose either the Budget Plan or Budget Plan with Downside Protection, how do you calculate my monthly rate?

A: We calculate your monthly fuel payment by estimating your annual fuel usage and predicted heating oil costs. We divide this total into equal monthly installments.

Q: Is there an additional fee for Downside Protection?

A: Yes, a small fee is required to secure Downside Protection. However, doing so guarantees that you always pay the lowest possible price for your heating oil  — no matter what!

Q: How do I sign up for a price protection plan?

A: All you have to do is contact Sandri Energy and we will walk you through the rest! We are happy to provide our customers in our NH, VT, and MA fuel delivery service area with free rate quotes. You can either call our offices at (800) 628-1900 or contact us online to get started.