4 Ways Propane Keeps Your Home Cozy through the Holidays

The holidays are here! Homeowners across New England are taking time to gather with friends, neighbors, and loved ones to celebrate. As you begin to think about sending out greeting cards, decorating the house, and prepping to host for guests, don’t forget about your heating fuel! Home heating is a major priority this time of year. Find out how propane delivery helps customers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont keep their homes safe and cozy during the holiday season and all winter long.

Propane Uses for the Holiday Season

  • Gas Fireplaces & Log Sets

There’s nothing like gathering around a crackling fireplace. With a propane fireplace or log set, you can completely transform your living space. Enjoy the comfort of a traditional fire without the hassle of ash, soot, and firewood. Gas fireplaces and log sets can be easily installed into existing fireplaces and connected to your propane supply.

  • Cooking Appliances

The holiday season is all about celebrating, and every good party has plenty of good food! Whether you’re preparing a roast, simmering sauce, or baking cookies, propane-powered appliances make cooking a breeze. Make sure you order propane before your next holiday get-together so you have the fuel you need.

  • Whole-Home Heating

Propane is one of the most versatile energy sources available to homeowners in New England. Of course, one of its main functions is home heating. Customers that use gas furnaces or gas boilers benefit from a safe, affordable fuel option delivered by reliable, local energy providers.

  • Backup Generators

Winters in MA, VT, and NH can be unpredictable, to say the least. The forecast can range from bitter cold snaps to Nor’easters dropping feet of snow. Use a propane backup generator to protect your family and your property from unexpected power outages. A propane generator doesn’t require electricity to power essential home appliances. If you lose power, your propane generator will automatically switch on. Now that’s peace of mind!

Contact Sandri Energy to place your next propane order! If you use propane to power multiple appliances in your home, it is important to regularly order propane to prepare for winter weather.