Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil Comes to New England

Fall is a time of transition here in New England. The leaves begin to change, we swap our bathing suits for sweaters, and start gearing up for another winter. This season marks a significant change for heating oil consumers, too. In 2018, many states in the Northeast begin the transition to ultra-low sulfur heating oil. This cleaner, greener heating oil will help oil heat customers stay warm while protecting our planet.

What is ULS heating oil?

What separates ultra-low sulfur (ULS) heating oil from traditional heating oil is its sulfur content. ULS oil hast just 15 parts per million (ppm) sulfur content. Traditional heating oil typically has 4,000 ppm sulfur content, but these levels can vary by state. This means, ULS heating oil has 99% less sulfur than higher sulfur heating oil.

What are the benefits of ULS heating oil?

Research at the Brookhaven National Laboratory found that lower sulfur content in heating oil helps the fuel burn cleaner. Ultra-low sulfur heating oil produces less soot, fewer airborne pollutants like nitrous oxide and sulfur dioxide, and less ash buildup in equipment. All of this yields several benefits:

  • Environmental Protection
    Fewer emissions are better for our environment.
  • Cleaner Burn
    A fuel that burns cleaner causes less damage to heating equipment.
  • Customer Savings
    A cleaner burn means less frequent service cleanings, which will lower maintenance costs.
  • Convenience
    ULS heating oil is compatible with existing oil heat equipment. No alterations or conversions necessary!

Which states are transitioning to ULS heating oil?

It’s no surprise that states in the Northeast use the most heating oil in the country. We know how cold it gets up here, and how safe and affordable heating with oil can be. New Hampshire has already started to transition to ultra-low sulfur heating oil in 2018. Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Connecticut will begin the transition to lower sulfur heating oil before the year ends. The exact timeline varies from state to state.

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