Top 5 Things You Need to Know about Wood Pellet Heating

Summer is finally here! Homeowners across the Northeast are gearing up for weekends at the lake, beach vacations, and as much time spent outdoors as possible. We know the heating season might seem like a distant memory, but there are advancements in the heating industry that are the talk of the region! A sustainable, affordable fuel option that is great for the environment. We’re talking about wood pellets.

Heating with Wood Pellets in New England

Wood pellets aren’t new on the heating scene, but over the past year affordable pricing, easy transitions, and convenient delivery have made this green alternative more accessible for Northeast residents. So why are New Englanders switching to wood pellets?

1. It is convenient

Just like traditional heating fuels, wood pellets are available for delivery right to your home. Wood pellet customers in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts can order wood pellets bagged or in bulk and expect the same level of quality service and dependable delivery. Thinking about switching to wood pellets? Wood pellet boilers and furnaces can be integrated seamlessly into your home’s existing central heating ductwork.

2. It is affordable

When it comes to home heating, the price is right with wood pellets. Fuel oil prices are on the rise, making pellets a good choice. One ton of pellets is equal to 117 gallons of fuel oil. At this time, the conversion makes pellets only $2.09 per gallon!

3. It is efficient

Wood pellets provide a comfortable heat output on par with other traditional heating fuels. And just like other heating systems, wood pellet furnaces and boilers are designed and regulated for the utmost safety.

4. It is better for the environment

Wood pellets are one of the most eco-friendly heating options available today. Heating your home with wood pellets releases roughly the same amount of CO2 that wood releases during its natural decaying process. This significantly low carbon emission rate and low ash output is what makes wood pellets a cleaner, greener fuel.

5. It is local

Sandri Energy is proud to deliver Warm Front Premium wood pellets made right here in the Northeast. Made without any glue or additives, these wood pellets are a hardwood blend of all-natural 100% wood from trees commonly found in the Northeast.

If you are looking for an alternative heating source that is good for the environment, your wallet, and your home comfort, the search is over. Contact Sandri Energy to learn more about pellet heating systems, bulk wood pellet delivery, and more. Simply call Sandri Energy at (800) 628-1900 or visit us online at to become a customer today!