Your Fuel Payments, Your Way

Spring is officially here. What’s on the top of your spring cleaning to-do list? As you start to prep for warmer temperatures, don’t forget about your heating fuel! Pricing options for heating oil and propane will be available very soon, which means now is the time to plan your winter heating budget.

Price protection plans make it easier for homeowners in VT, NH, and MA to manage household heating costs. If you heat your home with propane or heating oil, pricing options offer many benefits like predictable energy bills, protection against market changes, and spending flexibility.

Which Pricing Program Is Right for You?

Fixed Price Prepay

Protect your wallet from the ever changing market. Before the heating season starts, you will choose how many gallons you’d like to purchase at the special prepay rate. No matter how fuel prices climb, those gallons will be locked in at the predetermined rate. With one payment, your heating costs are taken care of just like that!

Budget Plan

Skip the stress of juggling month-to-month fuel bills. Instead of nearly non-existent bills in the summer that grow in size during the colder months, you can spread your annual fuel costs into even installments. The total cost for the year is divided into equal monthly payments. What happens if market prices rise? Don’t panic! You will always pay your locked in budget price.

Fixed Price Prepay & Budget with Downside Protection (Fuel Oil Only)

Don’t let unpredictable fuel prices catch you off guard! Downside protection guarantees that you are always paying the best possible price for your heating oil. Should the market rate drop below your prepay price, you will receive your delivery at the lower rate.

Stay tuned for price protection plans from Sandri! Contact us to learn more and to find out when enrollment begins for the 2018-2019 season.